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Tezos is a blockchain-based smart contract platform for powering decentralized applications, or DApps, competing with similar platforms such as Ethereum, EOS and Cardano, among others. 

Originally proposed by Arthur Breitman (under the pseudonym “L.M. Goodman”) in a white paper published in August 2014, Tezos was conceived as a “self-amending” blockchain platform built on an on-chain governance system that would allow holders of its protocol token, XTZ, to more easily vote and implement changes to the software without hard forks. This is in contrast to the cumbersome, off-chain governance processes for popular public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The core development was spearheaded by Breitman and his wife, Kathleen Breitman, through the company Dynamic Ledger Solutions. In summer 2017, Tezos raised funds in one of the most high-profile initial coin offerings to the total of around $232 million (at the time) in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). The project was soon embroiled in legal battles between the Breitmans and the appointed head of the Tezos Foundation, Johann Gevers, which delayed the release of XTZ tokens to investors and the launch of the network. 

The mainnet launched in September 2018, with XTZ holders able to stake (or “bake”) their tokens to participate in the Tezos proof-of-stake consensus process or participate in Tezos governance either directly or through delegation of voting power. 

Blockchains Solana and Tezos were among the 13 “vetted” crypto platforms added to Unity’s asset store.
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Ciaran Lyons
The partnership will see Google Cloud becoming a validator on the Tezos network.
Google Cloud partners with Tezos blockchain to develop Web3 tech
Judith BannermanQuist
Despite the downbeat market, blockchain-based tech — from the internet of things to the metaverse — is primed to represent trillions in new value by 2030.
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A South Korean province is using the metaverse for closer economic ties with Vietnam and an elaborate phishing scam netted 14 Bored Apes.
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The Tezos NFT ecosystem gained a lot of traction over the past year due to its low cost of minting and energy efficiency.
Shopify users get their hands on Tezos NFTs with new partnership
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Jonathon Miller, managing director of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken in Australia, says despite NFT volumes plunging, the company remains “bullish on the NFT sp...
NFTs will be ‘as disruptive’ as Bitcoin was 10 years ago — Kraken exec
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The Federal Reserve is set to raise interest rates this week. Here’s why traders expect a 0.75% hike to trigger a crypto market rally.
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Other Manchester United-related assets also rallied after Musk's tweet, as well as Manchester City's fan token.
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