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Tone Vays is a former Wall street trader and vice president of JP Morgan Chase, the American financial holding, and is currently an expert in economic trends, trading, risk analysis and cryptocurrency. Tone Vays’ Bitcoin involvement started in 2013 and, since then, he has become active in spreading information about the significance of the technology in achieving of economic freedom. For instance, Tone Vays is the creator of CryptoSCam, a podcast about the latest scams in the cryptocurrency market, and LibertyLifeTrail, his personal cryptocurrency-related website. Besides this, debates between Tone Vays and Roger Ver, another popular cryptocurrency expert and advocate, was a discussion that has gained a large amount of popularity on the web.
Markets News
The veteran trader says bullish trends make shorting the current correction a dangerous move, and the dip “may already be over.”
‘I would not short’ — Bitcoin buy the dip zone now $11K, says Tone Vays
William Suberg
Markets News
$9,000 would be the ideal “buy the dip” opportunity, says Vays, with $7,000 soon to form Bitcoin’s untested 200-week moving average.
Bitcoin price ‘worst-case scenario’ is now $7,000 — trader Tone Vays
William Suberg
DeFi’s meme coins are causing a stir within the crypto community, as some call foul, others see the upside.
Caught in two minds: DeFi meme coins spark debate over their intentions
Benjamin Pirus
Is the rebasing project a useful economic experiment? Some of the crypto A-list says it’s just another scam.
What’s the Deal With Yam Finance?
Andrew Singer
Markets News
Tone Vays says $45,000 to $50,000 is a reasonable bull market target for Bitcoin if it surges past $20,000.
$50K Bitcoin Is ‘Reasonable’ if BTC Hits New Highs, Says Tone Vays
Joseph Young
Hodler’s Digest
You might be able to buy crypto on PayPal soon, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting anything from Wirecard.
PayPal Crypto Rumors, RIP Wirecard, Telegram Settles: Hodler’s Digest, June 22–28
Thomas Simms
Markets News
The S&P 500 is in danger of a major crash in the event of a daily close below 3,000 points, warns Tone Vays as data shows Bitcoin is 95% correlated.
Tone Vays: Bitcoin Price Won’t Leave $6K–$10K Range Until 2021
William Suberg
Bitcoin trader Tone Vays has come under criticism for using the recent suicide of a Robinhood user to promote a $3K trading course on his website.
Tone Vays Under Fire After Robinhood Suicide Tweet Mix-Up
Turner Wright

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