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Cryptocurrency trading is now an essential part of the blockchain industry. Traders and investors are driving the development of cryptocurrency technology, new ICOs and fintech. Bitcoin and altcoin trading news became an important part of the financial agenda and are broadcast by most media outlets. Cryptocurrency trades are performed within different exchanges or by investors themselves without a third party’s involvement. Cryptocurrency trades are mostly conducted for speculative reasons, though they are also used as an investment tool, money storage and for other motives. Cryptocurrency trading news is strongly dependent on new governmental policies, important recent events, establishment of new technologies and procedures, and quotes from experts and influential persons within the blockchain and fintech industry.

Free trade and high-interest rates can unite ordinary people with financial organizations, that is, with guidance from a suitable liquidity protocol.
Decentralized brokerage protocol aims to unite DEXs and lending into a new TradeFi ecosystem
Sarah Jansen
Altcoin Watch
Crypto prices continue to take a beating, but value-focused investors might consider taking a closer look at MATIC, FTM, DOT, FXS and CRV.
Here are 5 altcoins to study as crypto prices drop to near 1-year lows
Jordan Finneseth
"This would end the potential corruption of lawmakers pursuing policy outcomes that benefit their portfolios,” said 27 members of the U.S. House of Representati...
House members call for an end to lawmakers trading stocks — is crypto next?
Turner Wright
What do market corrections mean for crypto traders? And how can trading bots be used to an investor’s advantage?
Strategies for trading cryptocurrency during a correction, explained
Sarah Jansen
Market Analysis
NFT investors are demanding that marketplaces recognize and give value to their users, prompting competitors like LOOKS, SOS and WTF to launch ambitious vampire...
OpenDAO (SOS), LooksRare (LOOKS) and WTF token: 3 airdrops, with 1 scam
Alyssa Exposito
Market Analysis
Data shows that spikes in Twitter mentions preceded price peaks in three of last week’s five most discussed altcoins.
These were the 5 hottest coins on Twitter last week — And their price dynamics
Beau Linighan
Cryptocurrency exchanges are still subject to several evolutions before delivering a first-rate user experience.
Cryptocurrency exchange undergoes transition to provide unparalleled trading experience for emerging markets
Sarah Jansen
Market Analysis
Everyone’s a genius trader during bull markets, but there are also ways to generate profits during bear trends. Here’s how to capitalize on liquidations.
Here’s how traders capitalize on crypto market crashes and liquidations
Elaine Hu

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