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Cryptocurrency trading is now an essential part of the blockchain industry. Traders and investors are driving the development of cryptocurrency technology, new ICOs and fintech. Bitcoin and altcoin trading news became an important part of the financial agenda and are broadcast by most media outlets. Cryptocurrency trades are performed within different exchanges or by investors themselves without a third party’s involvement. Cryptocurrency trades are mostly conducted for speculative reasons, though they are also used as an investment tool, money storage and for other motives. Cryptocurrency trading news is strongly dependent on new governmental policies, important recent events, establishment of new technologies and procedures, and quotes from experts and influential persons within the blockchain and fintech industry.

“We know our younger generation of customers seek additional products and services that are relevant to them,” said Zip co-founder Peter Gray.
‘Buy now, pay later’ firm Zip plans to offer crypto trading in Australia and the US
Brian Quarmby
Market Analysis
Data shows that the dollar lending rate and futures volumes of select altcoins can be tracked to pinpoint overheated markets before a crash.
Here's how altcoin futures volumes and the USD lending rate signal market crashes
Marcel Pechman
Plaintiff alleges “deceptive ad campaign” cost Coinbase users millions of dollars.
Coinbase sued over Dogecoin sweepstake ad campaign
Landon McBride
According to the trading app, it expects its Q3 2021 revenue to be lower as a result of increased crypto trading in the first quarter, driven in part by Dogecoi...
Robinhood warns a crypto revenue drop is coming amid IPO filing
Turner Wright
How to crypto
Bears have pushed Bitcoin price to the lowest rungs of its current range, but savvy traders can still generate a nice profit via the Iron Condor options strateg...
Here’s one way to trade Bitcoin even as BTC price teeters over an abyss
Marcel Pechman
How to crypto
Many successful traders look for double bottom and W bottom reversal patterns on technical charts in order to spot powerful price reversals.
Here’s 2 ways clever pro traders spot crypto and stock price reversals
Rakesh Upadhyay
The company said the move was aimed at giving customers “more choice and flexibility" to purchase crypto.
PayPal increases crypto purchase limits to $100K
Turner Wright
FTX has inked a deal with Copper that could enable access to crypto trading products for over 300 institutional asset managers via the ClearLoop settlement plat...
FTX crypto exchange integrates institutional trading tool ClearLoop
Osato Avan-Nomayo

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