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Launched in June 2018, Tron is a blockchain-based smart contract platform for powering decentralized applications, or DApps, competing with similar platforms such as Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano and EOS. The blockchain is secured through a delegated proof-of-stake system that sacrifices some degree of decentralization for speed and efficiency. The network is powered by its native protocol token, TRX, which is used for payments, miner rewards and voting. 

The project’s reveal proved controversial when it was discovered that the white paper had been largely plagiarized, directly copying material from high-profile works such as Ethereum, the InterPlanetary File System, distributed hash tables, etc. Founder Justin Sun has claimed this was the fault of volunteer translators. 

The Tron long-term roadmap consists of six phases that consecutively roll out new initiatives to provide P2P file sharing (now supported by Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent), content creation, crowdfunding and gaming. 

While most of Tron’s network activity is currently driven by gaming and gambling DApps, Sun’s strategic acquisitions clearly slot themselves within the roadmap, perhaps with the intention of accelerating development and adoption without building from nothing.

The Tron Foundation has taken the decision to provide an “internal transfer” option for TRX holders affected by the OKEx withdrawal freeze.
Tron opens ‘manual’ withdrawal option for TRX holders on OKEx
Marie Huillet
Tron’s primary DeFi project whitelisted what looks like a scam.
Tron legitimized a project that pulled an exit scam, community says
Andrey Shevchenko
A new project says it is delivering the first public oracle system on the TRON network — a milestone that’s expected to expand the blockchain’s use cases.
The TRON network is about to get its first-ever public oracle system
Connor Blenkinsop
The recent Tether burn seems to have involved a lot of trust between Binance and its counterparties.
A by-the-minute look at Tether’s $1 billion swap from Bitfinex to Binance
Michael Kapilkov
Ethereum 2.0 will lose the first-mover advantage its first iteration had. How does it stack up against the extensive competition in 2020?
Challenging Ethereum 2.0? Competing blockchains are seizing the moment
Nikolai Kuznetsov
Price Analysis
The price of Bitcoin has been testing $10,000 support the entire weekend but did the futures gap finally get filled by a chart candle downwick?
Can Bitcoin go below $10K again? The ‘Trondicator’ may have the answer
Keith Wareing
Tron’s BitTorrent clients have been downloaded two billion times, but the BTT token remains down 74% from the ATH.
Tron’s BitTorrent Network Reaches 2 Billion Downloads
Joshua Mapperson
Company representatives declined to learn key details of the Twitter hack after offering seven figures for them.
Tron Obstructed Legitimate Attempts to Claim Its $1 Million Twitter Hack Bounty
Benjamin Pirus

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