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Tuur Demeester is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor and analyst. Tuur holds a degree in Economics from the Austrian University and currently specializes on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. He is the editor-in-chief of Adamant Research. Tuur Demeester’s Bitcoin career started in 2012 when he first discovered Bitcoin in his research trip to Argentina. Since then, he started recommending investing in cryptocurrency. He frequently shares with his expert opinion about cryptocurrency in terms of the economy, which is very important in determining the investment and market prospects of digital assets. That is why Tuur Demeester’s Twitter is highly popular among concerned user, since he posts his comments there.
Markets News
Bitcoin’s Miner Outflow Multiple shows that buoyant miners are keeping their coins and weaker players have none left to sell, argues Tuur Demeester.
‘Bullish’ — Struggling Miners Done Selling Their Bitcoin, Says Analyst
William Suberg
A new study has found that Bitcoin is losing popularity on the Darknet.
Is Darknet Done With Bitcoin?
Patrick Thompson
BitPico vows to force through SegWit2x while Bitcoin.com divorces itself of BTC altogether.
SegWit ‘Death’ Challenge: BitPico Vows To Fork As Bitcoin.com Goes 100% Bitcoin Cash
William Suberg
Bruce Fenton delivers what seems to be a vote of no confidence in the SegWit2x hard fork.
Bitcoin SegWit2x Hard Fork Benefits Not Visible: Bruce Fenton
William Suberg
A US bank customer was told their account would close if they didn’t disclose why they bought Bitcoin and what they would do with it.
Tell Us Why You Bought Bitcoin Or Face Account Closure: US Bank To Customer
William Suberg
Price Analysis
Bitcoin is enjoying a resurgence ahead of two hard forks while altcoins lose momentum.
Bitcoin: $4600, 50% Dominance, Forks Leave Altcoins No Room For Moon
William Suberg
South Korea has surpassed China in total Bitcoin trading volume.
South Korea in Centre of Bitcoin Universe As It Passes China in Bitcoin Trading
Jon Buck
SegWit2x is about more than scaling, it’s about maintaining trust so that future crises can be mitigated
Opinion: Collapse of Bitcoin’s “New York Agreement” Would Have Long Term Consequences
David Dinkins

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