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“Unbanked” is a slang definition of adults who do not own bank accounts and avoid using banks in any other capacity. The term ‘unbanked’ should not be confused with “underbanked,” which is used to describe people who do not have sufficient access to financial services. The problem of being unbanked is widely researched in the USA, where unbanked people represent 7.7 percent of population. Due to the US’s research, most of the US’s unbanked are white, native-born Americans. They choose to be unbanked for various reasons, including involvement in illegal activities, distrust of financial institutions and extreme poverty. Banking the unbanked is an important issue and can help the poor to gain financial stability. Blockchain-based technologies are often referred to as a way of providing the services of financial institutions to people who don’t want to get involved or can’t be involved in traditional organizations.
Arcane Research says that Lightning Network usage has been on a steep upward trajectory since late last year, but in September, growth went parabolic off the ba...
Arcane Research predicts 700 million Lightning Network users by 2030
Brian Quarmby
With the proper regulation, stablecoins could potentially fulfill their promise and enable more funds to reach those in greatest need.
Stablecoin adoption and the future of financial inclusion
Jane Thomason
Experts Answer
Here’s what crypto and blockchain experts think about the impact of blockchain technology on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and int...
How will blockchain and crypto improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people? Experts answer
Max Yakubowski
Bitcoin ATMs may make it easier for the mainstream and unbanked to access crypto, but will security risks hamper adoption?
Bitcoin for cash: Do crypto ATMs make buying BTC easier for the mainstream?
Rachel Wolfson
Experts Answer
Here’s what crypto and blockchain experts think about Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele’s announcement that Bitcoin is now legal tender....
What is really behind El Salvador’s ‘Bitcoin Law’? Experts answer
Max Yakubowski
The fintech firm hopes to expand financial products for the unbanked.
Mobile money platform Pngme raises $3M to expand across Africa
Martin Young
Without proper crypto regulation, the U.S. government might create a massive roadblock to financial inclusivity.
Rumored US crypto wallet restrictions: A step toward financial exclusion
Ben Weiss
Tokenization has a long way to go before it will uplift populations in emerging-market states, but it will bring the needed stability.
Tokenization will bring desirable stability to emerging markets
Derek Boirun

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