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There are no strict regulations on Bitcoin in UK. Bitcoin has no established legal status but is commonly treated as a foreign currency for most purposes, including value-added and goods-and-service taxes. Cryptocurrencies profits and losses are subject to capital gains tax. However, the UK government is planning on implementing some legal procedures in the cryptocurrency market. Their primary goal is to require UK Bitcoin exchanges to conduct due diligence in relation to customers and include cryptocurrency platforms in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing policies. The UK has issued a warning about the risks of investing in ICOs and cryptocurrencies, though it has yet to establish any direct rules concerning it. Still, it was stated multiple times that the United Kingdom is working on cryptocurrency regulations and has no intentions to leave it in a legal gray area.

The firm said it would also move its principal business and several people from management from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.
Exit stage left: Eqonex to close crypto exchange after two years
Turner Wright
Regulators have expressed conflicting messages about whether the U.K. is a good place for cryptocurrency development to occur.
The UK cannot afford to send mixed messages on crypto
Susan Friedman
The U.K.’s Crypto and Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) announced it will launch an inquiry into the crypto and digital asset industry.
UK parliamentary group calls for submissions in new crypto asset inquiry
Savannah Fortis
In a first for the sixth-tier English football league, the club will wear the BTC logo on their shirts and fans will be able to buy tickets with Bitcoin over th...
Oxford City Football Club to accept Bitcoin for matchday tickets
Joseph Hall
British financial watchdog will tighten the guidelines for promoting high-risk products to individual investors.
FCA cracks down on the ads of high-risk assets, but not crypto
David Attlee
The Conservative Party is expected to decide between Rishi Sunak and LizaTruss as the next party leader by Sept. 5, at which point Johnson will officially step ...
Final candidates for next UK prime minister have made pro-crypto statements
Turner Wright
Follow up
Bitcoiner James Howells planned to speak with the Newport City Council in the coming weeks on a proposal to find his hard drive discarded in a landfill nine yea...
Crypto user who lost $163M in Bitcoin wants to deploy robot search party — Report
Turner Wright
Crypto regulation came through as expected in the Financial Services and Markets Bill in spite of changes in government personnel and the collapse of the crypto...
UK financial markets bill authorizes regulation of stablecoins, service providers
Derek Andersen

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