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The United Nations (UN) is an international association that was created to support and strengthen worldwide peace and security and to provide the development of intergovernmental cooperation. The main goals of UN activities were developed during the Second World War by the countries that were members of the Allied Powers of the war. The United Nations on Bitcoin news is about the attitude of UN to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, the possibility of United Nations’ Bitcoin adoption, the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain by United Nations and so on. There are examples of the United Nations using Bitcoin and blockchain, such as the travel of UN volunteers to Africa to spread cryptocurrency among African citizens or aid sent through the Ethereum blockchain to Syria.

Experts Answer
Here’s what experts on emerging tech think about the role of blockchain in achieving more sustainability and lessening the climate crisi...
How will blockchain technology help fight climate change? Experts answer
Max Yakubowski
Experts Answer
Here’s what crypto and blockchain experts think about the impact of blockchain technology on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and int...
How will blockchain and crypto improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people? Experts answer
Max Yakubowski
The United Nations has previously said it was exploring the uses of blockchain technology in the fight against climate change and to help reach a more sustainab...
UN chooses NFT marketplace host in efforts to fight climate change
Turner Wright
Blockchain technology won’t just make online donations easier, it will pave the way for exciting new forms of charity fundraising.
Digitizing charity: We can do better at doing good
Stephanie So
The company previously said it planned to enable carbon-neutral NFTs by 2030 and claimed its JumpNet blockchain is already carbon-negative.
Enjin plans to use NFTs to promote sustainability and equality as member of UN pact
Turner Wright
ECLAC executive secretary stressed that there is no study yet that would have investigated potential risks or benefits of El Salvador accepting BTC as legal ten...
UN commission serves new warning against BTC adoption in El Salvador
Helen Partz
The U.N. will keep exploring the uses of blockchain technology to improve the reliability of data on harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
UN sees blockchain technology as tool to fight climate crisis
Helen Partz
Expert Take
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity for the digitalization and sustainable development of African economies.
Africa’s solarized digitalization agenda in the time of coronavirus
Selva Ozelli

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