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Vinny Lingham is a famous Internet entrepreneur, founder of the Bitcoin-based digital gift card platform Gyft and co-founder/CEO of the startup Identity Civic which offers the use of blockchain technology to verify users online. He was born in South Africa and currently lives in California. Vinny actively invests into new technologies, developments and startups, focusing on those which are related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. In partnership with a one of his former companions, he has founded the investment fund Newtown Partners in the Republic of South Africa. Besides that, Lingham runs the blog For the Love of Bitcoin. Vinny Lingham’s net worth is unknown but he is one of the ten most famous young African millionaires.
Big blockers unite as Bitcoin Cash surges following SegWit2x cancellation.
No SegWit2x Makes Bitcoin Cash Shine Amidst Crypto Bloodbath
Jacob J
Alex Tapscott’s NextBlock Global will refund its ICO investors in the wake of an advisor scandal.
New ICO Scandal: Alex Tapscott Namedrop Blunder Sees Startup Refund All ICO Cash
William Suberg
Three new partners have joined Civic’s Blockchain identity platform as the startup’s token rises over 20 percent.
Lingham’s Civic Jumps 22% on Group Partnership News
William Suberg
Craig Wright has yet to disprove himself after failing to recognize his own name as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’
What’s In A Name? Craig Wright Fail Reveals he is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto
William Suberg
Price Analysis
Bitcoin is enjoying a resurgence ahead of two hard forks while altcoins lose momentum.
Bitcoin: $4600, 50% Dominance, Forks Leave Altcoins No Room For Moon
William Suberg
A major hack at Deloitte has placed up to 5 mln emails and other data at risk.
Deloitte Grapples with Major hack, Security Lapse Echoes Equifax
William Suberg
Several strategies for dealing with falling prices, and how to use a crash or correction to your advantage
How To Profit From a Bitcoin Crash
Darryn Pollock
Vinny Lingham on one of the key aspects of a successful ICO token sale.
Vinny Lingham On The Perfect ICO: ‘Eat Your Own Dogfood’
William Suberg

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