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Volatility is the degree of variation of a trading price over time. In other words, volatility indicates the amount of uncertainty about the size of changes in an asset's value. The higher an asset’s spread of values means the higher volatility of it.
Volatility is a critical characteristic for investors as it shows both their risks and possible gains that comes with purchasing an asset. Cryptocurrency volatility is one of its most peculiar elements. As cryptocurrencies have no central authority and, correspondingly, no controlled emission mechanism, they are highly volatile. There are some other cryptocurrency features that make it volatile, such as having no intrinsic value, prevailing short-term investments and lack of institutional capital. Still, cryptocurrencies volatility is also what attracts a lot of investors and make it possible for the industry to develop so quickly after a lot of money was gathered due to the volatility of Bitcoin.

JPMorgan’s long-term theoretical target for Bitcoin stands at $150,000, up from $146,000 forecasted in January 2021.
JPMorgan estimates ‘fair value’ of Bitcoin at $38K
Helen Partz
The volatility within crypto markets calls for risk management tools; the available options lack efficient tools to manage it.
One-stop shop solution empowers crypto traders to optimize their capital utilization
Edith M.
The multi-month pullback in prices is giving investors flashbacks of the 2018 crypto winter. Here are 5 things to survive a bear market.
Winter is coming! Here are 5 ways to survive a crypto bear market
Jordan Finneseth
When considering price volatility in digital marketplaces, buyback-and-burn strategies in crypto offer long-term price stability and token value growth.
Buyback-and-burn: What does it mean in crypto?
Jagjit Singh
In a dramatic week for Bitcoin price action, traders are keen to capitalize, hitting a new all-time high for the leverage ratio.
Bitcoin leverage ratio reaches new highs
Joseph Hall
New Year Special
Retail and institutional investors love derivatives instruments. Here‘s how they could impact crypto markets in 2022.
5 ways derivatives could change the cryptocurrency sector in 2022
Marcel Pechman
How to crypto
Not sure which way BTC price might go? Here’s how pro traders use the "iron condor" options strategy to place carefully hedged bets.
This simple Bitcoin options strategy lets traders profit while also hedging their bets
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
The absence of cascading liquidations, 25% delta skew and the margin lending ratio all suggest that Bitcoin price bottomed at $56,500.
3 reasons why Bitcoin’s drop to $56.5K may have been the local bottom
Marcel Pechman

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