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A virtual private network, most commonly known as a VPN, is a service that allows users to create a private network connection when using a public network. It ensures that a user’s online activity is protected and allows them to use a public network safely. 

There are several advantages of using a VPN. First, a private network provides access to numerous network-related services and resources for a closed group of approved users. Traffic coming in to and out of the network only goes through those nodes that are a part of the private network. Therefore, one can access the internet privately, as users’ network activity is not linked to their IP address.

Furthermore, there is traffic segregation, which means that neither the traffic specific to the private network nor the extraneous traffic affects each other. In addition, a VPN offers extra security against hackers and other parties interested in a user’s personal data, such as third parties like a government or internet service provider. Through a virtual private network, it is possible to avoid censorship by bypassing geographical boundaries. It’s a more accessible, secure way to access corporate networks and browse the internet safely in public locations.

The app is among the top 5 most popular DApps in the world and it is available for both Android, iOS, and macOS users.
Tachyon VPN Reaches 1 Million Users in Just Six Months
Husayn Hashim
Brave Browser takes the security and privacy of iPhones and iPads to the next level by partnering with Guardian, provider of VPN and Firewall services.
Brave Browser Brings New Level of Security to iOS users
Michael Kapilkov
U.S.-based company launched a VPN app for iOS users after witnessing a surge in VPN services demand across the world.
Orchid Labs CEO Says New VPN Seeks to Enhance Privacy Rights
Felipe Erazo
Tachyon, a blockchain-based ecosystem built with the help of proof-of-stake creator, Sunny King, already has 100,000 entities using its VPN.
Decentralized VPN Gaining Steam at 100,000 Users Worldwide
Benjamin Pirus
Microsoft is devoting resources to identifying ransomware vulnerabilities in the IT systems of hospitals to help in the fight against coronavirus.
Microsoft Helps Hospitals Fight Ransomware Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Samuel Haig
U.S-based company looks forward to bring their VPN services to journalists around the world for free.
P2P VPN Provider to Offer Their Services to Journalists for Free
Felipe Erazo
Orchid’s CEO responds to the recent turbulent price action surrounding its OXT token, emphasizing a long-term focus for the company.
Orchid CEO 'More Interested in the Long-Term' Than Recent Price Dump
Benjamin Pirus
In depth
From biggest ICO to Russia’s ban: recap story of Telegram
Telegram Digital Resistance: The Open Network And Russia’s Ban
Hector Sanchez

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