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A VPN — or virtual private network — is an extension of a private network that enables users to exchange data across shared public networks in a way that none of the devices will be directly connected to the private network. A VPN provides strong encryption for the protection of unauthorized access to data sent over the network. VPN networks are mostly used for additional privacy, the opportunity to avoid national restrictions or censorship of the web and security of the private network. VPN services are used by businesses to make anonymous payments, establish secure access to corporate resources and authentication process and to connect company offices with a united network. VPNs are also a popular way of securing internet activity performed on a public WiFi connection. There are a lot of services that currently make VPNs easy to install on various devices, including smartphones and PCs.
Cointelegraph takes a look at Hide My Ass!, one of the long-time VPN leaders.
Cointelegraph Product Review - Hide My Ass! Online VPN Service
Evander Smart
Operators of Coin.mx have been charged for working without a money transmission license; New York-based bitcoin exchange itBit launched its Global OTC Agency Tr...
JUL 22 DIGEST: Coin.mx Operators Arrested for Running Illegal Bitcoin Exchange; itBit Launches OCT Desk
Aaron van Wirdum
Cryptostorm, the VPN (virtual private network) service providers, revealed to Cointelegraph that they’ve been using Bitcoin and Namecoin to power their portal t...
Cryptostorm VPN Unites White and Dark Webs, Supports Namecoin, Tor and I2P Domains
Juan S. Galt

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