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In the digital world, a wallet, sometimes called an e wallet, serves as a place in which people store cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin wallet stores a holder’s Bitcoin (BTC), sent to that crypto wallet by the user or another party. In turn, an Ethereum wallet stores Ether (ETH). 

A cryptocurrency wallet typically comes in a number of forms, such as software and hardware wallets. A Ledger wallet and Trezor wallet are two examples of hardware wallets. Each hardware wallet device can typically store a number of different assets, each with its own address and section in the corresponding wallet app or interface, rather than requiring a user to buy an individual Litecoin wallet, Ripple wallet or other wallet device for each and every asset they wish to store. 

Some software wallets can also hold numerous different asset types, while others work with just one type. The area of crypto wallets includes a plethora of other details and information, such as the difference between hot and cold wallets, as well as other key topics.  

“Nothing will change in the BRD wallet app and as always, your funds are safe and secure,” said BRD CEO Adam Traidman and co-founder Aaron Voisine.
Coinbase acquires crypto wallet provider BRD's team as utility token price surges 500%
Turner Wright
Markets News
Airdrop hunters flocked to MetaMask Swap and the Polygon network in an effort to qualify for a possible token distribution from the popular cryptocurrency walle...
Airdrop rumors result in a swarm of activity on MetaMask Swap and Polygon
Jordan Finneseth
Brave Browser challenges wallet providers like MetaMask by introducing a native crypto wallet built into the browser.
Brave launches browser-native crypto wallet to combat fake extensions
Helen Partz
Self-custody wallets have proven extremely popular among users looking to access decentralized exchanges and NFTs.
Coinbase launches standalone browser extension for Coinbase Wallet
Sam Bourgi
PayPal’s lawyers informed TokenPocket about the dispute over the company’s trademark earlier this year.
Apple App Store removes crypto wallet TokenPocket after PayPal complaint
Helen Partz
The platform reported 35,000 users to its Chrome extension wallet in the first few weeks following its launch.
XDEFI Wallet integrates Terra and launches liquidity program
Tom Farren
A SHIB hodler who spent $3,400 on the memecoin last August is now a crypto billionaire from that purchase alone, with the asset gaining 94,278,239.8% over the p...
Someone bought $3,400 worth of SHIB last August. It’s now worth $1.55 billion
Brian Quarmby
Robinhood posted $51 million worth of transaction-based revenue from crypto in Q3, marking a 78% decrease compared to the previous quarter.
Robinhood shares tank 10% after crypto revenue falls by three-quarters
Brian Quarmby

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