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In the digital world, a wallet, sometimes called an e wallet, serves as a place in which people store cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin wallet stores a holder’s Bitcoin (BTC), sent to that crypto wallet by the user or another party. In turn, an Ethereum wallet stores Ether (ETH). 

A cryptocurrency wallet typically comes in a number of forms, such as software and hardware wallets. A Ledger wallet and Trezor wallet are two examples of hardware wallets. Each hardware wallet device can typically store a number of different assets, each with its own address and section in the corresponding wallet app or interface, rather than requiring a user to buy an individual Litecoin wallet, Ripple wallet or other wallet device for each and every asset they wish to store. 

Some software wallets can also hold numerous different asset types, while others work with just one type. The area of crypto wallets includes a plethora of other details and information, such as the difference between hot and cold wallets, as well as other key topics.  

How to crypto
Falling prey to a fraudulent link can be devastating to one’s personal investment portfolio. Here are three ways a hard wallet can protect you.
NFT, DeFi and crypto hacks abound — Here’s how to double up on wallet security
Alyssa Exposito
Binance's self-custodial crypto wallet Trust Wallet aims to enable the purchase of more than 200 digital assets with 40 fiat currencies via Binance Connect, for...
Binance-owned Trust Wallet adds buy option via Binance Connect
Helen Partz
“There is not good evidence that unhosted wallets present a disproportionate risk of being used in illicit finance,” said the Treasury update.
HM Treasury changes course on collecting data around unhosted crypto wallets
Turner Wright
Putting the user experience at the heart of decentralized finance applications.
A wallet and payment ecosystem gives users full control of their digital assets
Lisa Gibbons
This protocol allows internet users to secure their online accounts with two-factor authentication on the blockchain.
Protocol offering 2FA on the blockchain unveils even more features for its flagship app
Chris Jones
Bitcoin mining profitability has dropped by over 75% from the market top and is currently at its lowest since October 2020.
Bitcoin miners’ exchange flow reaches 7-month high as BTC price tanks below $21K
Prashant Jha
The safety of the recovery phrase is way more important than keeping the hardware wallet safe, according to executives at Ledger and Trezor.
What happens if you lose or break your hardware crypto wallet?
Helen Partz
Cryptocurrency wallet firm Exodus has been paying all its staff fully in Bitcoin since launching its software wallet in 2015, CEO JP Richardson said.
Taxes of top concern behind Bitcoin salaries, Exodus CEO says
Helen Partz

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