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In the digital world, a wallet, sometimes called an e wallet, serves as a place in which people store cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin wallet stores a holder’s Bitcoin (BTC), sent to that crypto wallet by the user or another party. In turn, an Ethereum wallet stores Ether (ETH). 

A cryptocurrency wallet typically comes in a number of forms, such as software and hardware wallets. A Ledger wallet and Trezor wallet are two examples of hardware wallets. Each hardware wallet device can typically store a number of different assets, each with its own address and section in the corresponding wallet app or interface, rather than requiring a user to buy an individual Litecoin wallet, Ripple wallet or other wallet device for each and every asset they wish to store. 

Some software wallets can also hold numerous different asset types, while others work with just one type. The area of crypto wallets includes a plethora of other details and information, such as the difference between hot and cold wallets, as well as other key topics.  

Scammers are using fake crypto apps to steal funds from investors. Some malicious apps find their way into official app stores.
The rise of fake cryptocurrency apps and how to avoid them
Elizabaeth Gail
The sudden dramatic spike in active addresses on the network has left many guessing about the cause.
Experts yet to explain massive spike in ETH active addresses
Brian Newar
Follow up
Bitcoiner James Howells planned to speak with the Newport City Council in the coming weeks on a proposal to find his hard drive discarded in a landfill nine yea...
Crypto user who lost $163M in Bitcoin wants to deploy robot search party — Report
Turner Wright
Follow up
The crypto exchange said it had $48 million in exposure with Babel Finance and $5 million with Celsius — both firms faced liquidity and insolvency issues, respe...
Zipmex resumes withdrawals for trade wallets
Turner Wright
Global crypto exchange revenue is estimated to grow at a 13% CAGR by 2028, while the hardware wallet market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 27% by 2027.
Hardware wallet industry to outstrip crypto exchanges: Report
Helen Partz
Why is there so much uncertainty in the crypto market right now? Join us as we try to figure it out with Tim Warren, co-host of Coffee N Crypto, and Crypto Wend...
Why is there so much uncertainty in the crypto market right now? | Market Talks with Crypto Jebb and Crypto Wendy O
In 2020, the company also launched a wallet for blockchain-powered digital certificate storage aimed at addressing ​​certifications amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Major South Korean telecom company plans launch of blockchain wallet for crypto and NFTs
Turner Wright
Web2 identity has been all about linked email addresses and social media accounts. Now that Web3 is poised to move in, here’s why crypto wallets will be the new...
Your crypto wallet is the key to your Web3 identity
Michael Calce

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