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WannaCry is a malware and extortionist program that attacks only computers using the Microsoft operating system. The program encrypts all the files of the user and then demands a ransom for their decryption. The WannaCry virus became popular in 2017, as it had attacked computers in Spain and then spread to other countries. Currently, Russia, Ukraine and India are the leading victims of WannaCry attacks. After finishing the process of encryption, there is a demand on the screen of the hacked computer to transfer a certain amount of money in Bitcoin and usually this is equivalent to about $300. According to linguistic analysis, WannaCry hackers are believed to be from China, however, some experts think that this is just a trick and the original WannaCry ransomware is from Korea.
Poloniex has become the victim of a virus scam targeting Google Play users with fake apps.
Poloniex Gets Fake Google Play Apps Which Steal User Funds
William Suberg
The UK’s public health service must “get its act together” after the havoc wrought by “unsophisticated” WannaCry, a report says.
UK Auditors Blast NHS ‘Basic’ Security Failures Over WannaCry Cyberattack
William Suberg
The third major Bitcoin ransomware attack this year is doing the rounds centered on Russia and Ukraine.
Bad Rabbit Bitcoin Ransomware Misery Continues As Hackers Demand $300 in BTC
William Suberg
A lack of passwords has come back to haunt businesses, as Bitcoin mining malware finds its way into Aviva and Gemalto.
Hackers’ Delight? Bitcoin Mining Comes to Aviva Due to Lack of Passwords
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Telecoms giant SoftBank Group is lobbying for greater industry Blockchain uptake with a bespoke consortium and products.
SoftBank Study Group Tests Blockchain Cross-Carrier Telecoms Payments
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Equifax investors sold $18 mln in shares three days after its historic hack, the company has admitted.
Equifax Hack: 3 Investors Sold $18 Mln Shares in Unclear Transaction
William Suberg
How Maersk’s second major Blockchain experiment concluded this year.
Maersk Celebrates After 5-Month Blockchain Insurance Trial With Guardtime
William Suberg
An international shipping Blockchain pilot in conjunction with Copenhagen University aims to protect the industry from ransomware viruses.
Shipping Giant Deploys Blockchain to Combat Industry Cyberattacks
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