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The Wings platform is an Ethereum-based platform for the creation and funding of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). Wings enables proposals to the Wings DAO community for discussion, review and forecasting of various success factors. The Wings blockchain uses swarm intelligence and machine-based predictive modeling for forecasting, smart contracts and engagement solutions for a trusted crowdfunding system, flexible governance and participation models for administration. The Wings AI, combined with integrated chatbots in popular messengers, helps choose the best DAO projects and fund high-rated projects through the Wings blockchain. The Wings white paper was released on September 26, 2016, by Serguei Popov and others. The Wings token currently has a capitalization of over $20 million and is actively traded on major Bitcoin exchanges.
What most promising altcoins of 2017 have in common?
Five Most Promising Altcoins of 2017
Guest Author
Press Release
WINGS DAO members can earn up to $250,000 in BANCOR and Ethereum token rewards distributed via smart contracts
Bancor Launches First Ever Crowdfunding Valuation And Promotion By a DAO On The WINGS Platform
Review on the most promising startups in FinTech.
Top Seven Fintech Startups to Follow
Andrew Tar
The Blockchain Oscar has officially wrapped up, therefore it is a good time to reflect on the highlights of this amazing competition.
Cointelegraph Events, Humaniq Announce Blockchain Oscar Winners
Alicia Naumoff
New projects may boost interest in the Ethereum network.
Getting Over Ethereum’s Bad Days, Wings, SuperDAO, Status Test Platforms
Olusegun Ogundeji
Despite Bitcoin’s current success, in the wider world, decentralized technology and communities are yet to achieve central importance and ‘prove themselves’ to ...
In 2017, DAOs Marry Blockchain and Prediction Markets to Fund Greatness
William Suberg
With the DAO fiasco and Bitcoin’s new strength, Ethereum is in the shade - but some are already anticipating a return to form, not just of Ethereum, but DAOs th...
DAO Dawn: Alpha Releases Signal Technology, Only Just Getting Started
William Suberg
DAO launcher and funding platform is gathering speed in uncertain times - the specter of the failed DAO is still on everyone’s lips.
What’s in a Name? Wings Purges DAOs of their Troubled Past
William Suberg

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