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Zcash is a cryptocurrency based on a decentralized Blockchain, aiming for making transactions more private than they are in the Bitcoin blockchain. ZEC (Zcash token) transactions, like Bitcoin’s, are published in a public Blockchain, but unlike Bitcoin Zcash allows users to selectively disclose private information.

Zcash provides two types of keys: a “view key” and a “spend key.” While the latter is used to spend funds, the former is used to allow some individuals to see private information about your transactions. View keys may be used for an audit or sharing information without disclosing it to the entire world.

Zcash also provides encrypted memo fields that offer an opportunity of delivering messages to the recipient of the transaction that only a view key holder can see. This can be used to deliver simple messages, or such things as payment code sand confidential or commercial information.

Bitstamp may announce first new listing in nearly three years, with the exchange contemplating support for seven new crypto assets.
Amid Widespread Privacy Coin Delistings, Bitstamp Considers Zcash Support
Samuel Haig
Is Bitcoin anonymous, and can mixing services make it more private? Here are the weaknesses and strengths of popular crypto privacy solutions.
Remaining Anonymous: Which Crypto Privacy Solution Works Best?
Andrey Shevchenko
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin suggests a DEX-bridge solution to the “embarrassing” lack of easy movement between Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
Vitalik Proposes Solution to 'Embarrassing' Lack of Bitcoin–Ethereum Bridge
Jack Martin
With the implementation of ZIP 1014, Zcash will continue to fund its development with a fee imposed on mining, but the question remains: Did the community have ...
Zcash Reward-Distribution Vote Questioned as Only a Small Sample Took Part
Adrian Zmudzinski
Privacy is a key feature of cryptocurrencies, but can that be said for all crypto, or there are differences among them?
Why ‘Setup’ Matters for Cryptocurrency Privacy
Huang Lin
A new project says it solves the issues seen in established privacy coins such as Monero and Zcash to deliver complete anonymity.
New Privacy Coin Says It Solves Problem With Monero and Zcash
Connor Blenkinsop
Trustless zero-knowledge proof systems, known as zk-SNARKs, have the potential to become the leading technological solution for privacy protection.
What Are Zk-SNARKs and How Do They Affect Digital Privacy?
Huang Lin
Starkware, led by Zcash founding scientist, hopes to bring security and scalability to crypto exchanges.
Starkware Wants to Bring Security and Scalability to Crypto Exchanges
Michael Kapilkov

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