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Zilliqa is a blockchain platform launched in 2017 by the team of developers from Singapore and the UK. The platform was designed for creating smart contracts and dapps and uses a mixed consensus mechanism: proof of work and Byzantine Fault Tolerance. The main feature of Zilliqa blockchain is high scalability possible due to network sharding: new shard every 600 nodes. The testnet has shown the possibility of almost 2500 transactions per second. Zilliqa is powered with ZIL cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 token, used to pay fees during transactions. ZIL coin was introduced to publicity at the beginning of 2018 and stayed in TOP-50 for more than a year. 40% of coins are distributed for mining. The team launched the mainnet in January 2019 and planned to change ERC-20 tokens to their blockchain.

Specifications on Zilliqa’s “user-friendly” console are yet to be revealed, but a prototype design resembling an Xbox console has been released.
Nifty News: Zilliqa teases Web3 gaming console, Funko teams up with Warner Bros. and more
Jesse Coghlan
Altcoin Watch
ZIL's price rally has made the coin “overbought” on multiple timeframes, raising selloff risks.
Zilliqa's 'metaverse' debut pumps ZIL price 350% in just five days — Selloff ahead?
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
BTC and ETH prices are in a clear bull trend, but derivatives data shows that pro traders haven’t turned into bulls just yet.
Bitcoin price surges, but derivatives metrics reflect pro traders’ neutral sentiment
Marcel Pechman
Altcoin Watch
A rapidly expanding ecosystem, lucrative staking opportunities and support for NFTs back the strong rebound in ZIL price.
NFT projects and high-yield opportunities back Zilliqa’s strong rebound
Jordan Finneseth
An Indian cryptocurrency exchange will use Unstoppable Domains to create and host blockchain-based URLs, despite the nation's impending Bitcoin ban.
Indian crypto exchange Unocoin adopts decentralized Unstoppable Domains
Greg Thomson
Accredited investors can now own tokenized shares of a premium whiskey collection powered by Zilliqa.
Tokenized single-malt scotch collection launches on Singapore exchange
Osato Avan-Nomayo
Altcoin Watch
Positive news, active communities and a shift toward DeFi appear to be the catalysts responsible for the rallies seen in Zilliqa, Terra's Luna and VeChain.
Zilliqa, Terra (LUNA) and VeChain rally off good news and strong fundamentals
Rakesh Upadhyay
Market Analysis
New partnerships, network upgrades, and a surge in DeFi activity sent Zilliqa price on a strong month-long rally.
DeFi hype and upcoming mainnet upgrade back Zilliqa’s (ZIL) 69% rally
Marcel Pechman

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