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Zilliqa is a blockchain platform launched in 2017 by the team of developers from Singapore and the UK. The platform was designed for creating smart contracts and dapps and uses a mixed consensus mechanism: proof of work and Byzantine Fault Tolerance. The main feature of Zilliqa blockchain is high scalability possible due to network sharding: new shard every 600 nodes. The testnet has shown the possibility of almost 2500 transactions per second. Zilliqa is powered with ZIL cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 token, used to pay fees during transactions. ZIL coin was introduced to publicity at the beginning of 2018 and stayed in TOP-50 for more than a year. 40% of coins are distributed for mining. The team launched the mainnet in January 2019 and planned to change ERC-20 tokens to their blockchain.

Xfers believes it's time other national currencies receive a piece of the action too.
Crypto Singapore dollar aims to diversify landscape dominated by USD
Andrey Shevchenko
Market Analysis
Zilliqa may be due for a correction after monstrous gains as ZIL's price is running into some considerable resistance levels on the charts.
Zilliqa (ZIL) Beats Bitcoin With 950% Gains Since March, What’s Next?
Michaël van de Poppe
German bank WEG has partnered with Anquan Capital to explore DLT applications in the banking and financial services industries.
German Bank Partners With Singapore Fintech Consortium on Blockchain
Samuel Haig
Oxford students will be invited to participate in the Zilliqa's $5 million Ecosystem Grant Programme.
Zilliqa Offers $5M Fund to Oxford DLT Students to Support Diversity
Helen Partz
Press Release
Noorcoin, the first shariah token in the world, catering to 1.6 billion Muslims, is proud to announce a pioneering partnership under a special arrangement with ...
Noorcoin Partners With Zilliqa

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