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Expert Take
They said that 2020 was the year of DeFi. Perhaps 2021 should be the year of DeFi’s sensible regulation.
DeFi’s death by a thousand cuts
Konstantinos Stylianou
Expert Take
The ruling on the motion to dismiss in the SEC v. NAC case indicates that the SEC still has crypto sales in its crosshairs in 2021.
Another court applies the Howey investment contract analysis to crypto
Carol Goforth
New Year Special
Just remember, the IRS is quite interested in crypto and is taking steps to unearth those who do not report.
Crypto taxes, reporting and tax audits in 2021
Robert W. Wood
Expert Take
Such regulation by enforcement does indeed run the risk of stifling important and valuable innovation in the crypto space.
SEC vs. Ripple: A predictable but undesirable development
Carol Goforth
New Year Special
Lowering CO2 emissions and lessening carbon-intensive approaches are the essential goals in global efforts to fight climate change.
The pandemic year ends with a tokenized carbon cap-and-trade solution
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
Romania is the first EU country to use a voting reporting tool that is based on blockchain technology for national elections.
Blockchain tech in national elections: An experience from Romania
Guest Authors
Expert Take
The digital ruble will, most likely, take the place of other forms of money, but the intrigue is which ones: non-cash or cash?
Russia’s central bank digital currency: Prospects and problems
Victor Dostov
Expert Take
How distributed ledger technologies can help law enforcement agencies to fight crime and money laundering.
Opportunities for blockchain in police investigations
Maxim Rukinov

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