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Cointelegraph Expert Takes are written by renowned experts in their respective fields in order to discover new points of view on the cryptocurrency market and blockchain developments. While the crypto phenomenon is quite new and sometimes difficult to understand, Cointelegraph experts let you delve into the most complicated issues with the most equipped perspectives.

Expert Take
Here are the legal resources available to Indian crypto users and businesses if a bank has declined services out of cryptophobia.
Indian Banks Still Cryptophobic Despite No Banking Prohibition
Mohammed Danish
Expert Take
The main steps that would help to accelerate the adoption of blockchain capabilities at the enterprise level.
Enterprise Blockchains: Seven Steps to Success
John DeVadoss
Expert Take
Advantages and challenges in the usage of blockchain in digital services provided by governments: Overview with a close look at Brazil.
Blockchain as One of the Goals of Digital Government Strategy in Brazil
Tatiana Revoredo
Expert Take
To gain transparency and consumer safety, the food-processing and meatpacking plants are implementing blockchain technology to their operation services.
Tracing Global Meat Related Risks With Blockchain Amid COVID-19
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
Traditional finances could be dramatically changed in the near future, and central bank-issued digital currency is the first step.
Central Bank Digital Currencies: Changing the Architecture of Money
George Calle
Expert Take
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the IRS is updating some important guidelines and procedures to make them easier.
Congress and IRS Virus Relief Allow Loss Carrybacks, Tax Refund Claims
Robert W. Wood
Expert Take
Modern technologies have unnoticeably become part of our daily lives. Think about the music industry, for example — it’s impressive.
Talking Digital Future: Music Industry
Jonathan Reichental
Expert Take
The members of the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement are updating their crypto laws to prevent financial crimes and money laundering.
COVID-19 Pandemic Spurs Crypto Law Updates in J5 Countries
Selva Ozelli

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