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Cointelegraph Expert Takes are written by renowned experts in their respective fields in order to discover new points of view on the cryptocurrency market and blockchain developments. While the crypto phenomenon is quite new and sometimes difficult to understand, Cointelegraph experts let you delve into the most complicated issues with the most equipped perspectives.

Expert Take
Since the time Ethereum was born, the crypto-tax landscape has dramatically changed, and that is where we are now.
IRS Tax Warnings on Ethereum’s Fifth Anniversary
Robert W. Wood
Expert Take
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted challenges in global seafood supply chains, and blockchain tech may help improve them.
Tracing Fishy Risks With Blockchain Tech Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
Basic recommendations for those who are considering incorporating crypto business in Estonia.
How Not to Lose Your Cryptocurrency License in Estonia
Mykola Demchuk
Expert Take
Disclosure sounds like it exposes you to extra IRS audit risk, but if it’s done properly, disclosure can actually reduce your risk.
Crypto Tax Disclosures Can Help With Internal Revenue Service
Robert W. Wood
Expert Take
The government of Monaco has passed a new bill introducing the establishment of a security token framework.
Monaco Passes New Security Token Laws, but Acting on Them Is Not Easy
Cal Evans
Expert Take
U.S. agencies sought millions of dollars in new funding to bolster national and international cryptocurrency investigations.
The US Plan to Monitor Illegal Crypto Activities More Sufficiently
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
There have been several significant movements forward for digital assets, and there are more to come. Here’s what to keep an eye on.
What Recent Developments in the Fintech Space Mean for Our Future
Guest Authors
Expert Take
The coronavirus pandemic has forced governments worldwide to focus on bringing blockchain tech to their financial services.
Not Like Before: Digital Currencies Debut Amid COVID-19
Selva Ozelli

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