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How to Use Smart Contracts For Revenue Sharing, Explained

JAN 12, 2018

Smart contraсts ensure your revenues are shared fast, transparent and secure.

How Initial Bounty Offering Can Help the Unbanked, Explained

JAN 05, 2018

Initial Bouty Offering help people participate in a token sale from every point in the world without initial payment.

Escrow, Explained

DEC 28, 2017

Is having a third party involved in your transaction that bad after all?

Why the Service Industry Needs Blockchain, Explained

DEC 26, 2017

Better reputation, transparent deals, faster service, lower fees and many more.

Bitcoin Futures, Explained

DEC 17, 2017

The what, where and why of Bitcoin futures.

Digital Currencies vs. Cryptocurrencies, Explained

DEC 13, 2017

Let’s dive into how those two differ (or not).

How to Analyze ICO’s, Explained

DEC 12, 2017

Make sure to check the team and product info, along with the community feedback.

How to Make Blockchain Projects and ICOs Appealing to Traditional Investors, Explained

DEC 11, 2017

Transparency, investments refund option and more.

How a Loyalty Program on Blockchain Works, Explained

DEC 08, 2017

Marketing strategy using Proof-of-Work. How’s that? See for yourself.

Decentralized and Distributed Databases, Explained

DEC 02, 2017

Different types of databases and how they work.

Bounties, Explained

NOV 19, 2017

Everybody seems to be talking about bounties these days. We tried to figure out what they are.

Lightning Network, Explained

NOV 15, 2017

Overload transactions, slow Blockchains, and stuff. Lightning Network is the answer?

All You Need to Know About This Whole SegWit vs. SegWit2x Thing, Explained

NOV 10, 2017

In the light of recent SegWit2x events, let’s look at what it’s all about.

Hydro Mining, Explained

NOV 02, 2017

Every question answered about hydro mining.

Smart Contracts, Explained

OCT 31, 2017

Everything you wanted to know about smart contracts.