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Choosing the Most Secure Crypto Exchange, Explained

OCT 30, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

There have been many devastating exchange hacks, with billions of dollars lost. But security flaws remain – meaning it pays to be picky choosing a platform.

Margin Trading, Explained

SEP 26, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Margin trading involves borrowing money to perform trades of a higher value – and taking a position on whether the value of a cryptocurrency will fall or rise.

Copyright on Blockchain, Explained

SEP 19, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Copyright rules have always struggled to follow up with technology – and blockchain is creating new challenges, as well as solving some.

Blockchain Collectible Games, Explained

SEP 13, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

You can collect art, fine wines and toys in the real world — but what about collectibles on blockchain? Here is everything you need to know.

Blockchain’s Scaling Problem, Explained

AUG 22, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Blockchain may be thriving, but there’s one challenge that stands in its way: scalability. Can the technology adapt to satisfy the ever-growing user demand?

Cryptocurrency Price Indexes, Explained

AUG 20, 2018 | by Chrisjan Pauw

How do crypto price indexes differ from the traditional stock market ones?

Blockchain in Charity, Explained

AUG 03, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

The number of donations made to charities using crypto is rising – with donors getting the chance to hold organizations accountable for how their money is spent...

Non-Fungible Tokens, Explained

JUL 26, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Many tokens are identical and shared with ease, but there’s a special class of one-of-a-kind tokens gaining popularity. Learn more about the non-fungible future...

How Cryptocurrency Prices Work, Explained

JUL 24, 2018 | by Chrisjan Pauw

Frequently asked questions answered about the magic of crypto prices.

Crypto Wallets Security: Explained

JUL 15, 2018 | by Kira Egorova

How to use your crypto wallet safely and spot possible threats to protect your coins against hackers.

Crypto Exchanges, Explained

JUL 10, 2018 | by Kira Egorova

Frequently asked questions answered about crypto exchanges and how they work.

Blockchain's Impact on Food and Farming, Explained

JUN 30, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Blockchain could make it easier to discover the journey that agricultural products take, reduce the frequency and severity of food safety scares, and transform ...

Why Review Sites Need Blockchain, Explained

JUN 25, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

Manipulation on review sites is endemic, duping shoppers into making bad purchasing decisions. Blockchain could be the answer.

Crypto Trading, Explained

JUN 15, 2018 | by Connor Blenkinsop

This guide explores the basics of crypto trading, the rookie errors to avoid, and offers tips on the best places to store assets.

ERC-20 Tokens, Explained

MAY 12, 2018 | by Maxwell William

Every question answered about ERC-20 tokens and how they work.