Welcome to the Cointelegraph Franchise Program

Want to strengthen your position as a cryptocurrency thought leader in your local market? We can help you achieve that through Cointelegraph's franchise program.
Representing and associating with the Cointelegraph brand will give you significant leverage in your local market to grow your own personal brand while monetizing local advertising potential

Why Cointelegraph?

What will you get?

Acquiring a Franchise

Special Offer


Why Cointelegraph?

Cointelegraph is one of the best-known and acknowledged media outlets in the cryptocurrency
world focused on providing the latest news and analysis in the technology and finance sectors
as they related to cryptocurrency scene.

What will you get?

Opportunity to use and develop a powerful brand

Strategy advice and additional support

Ready to use publish platform and site

Business process support

Up to 80% of revenue

Marketing support

Sales support

Tech support

Acquiring a Franchise

Who are Cointelegraph's Franchisees?

Our franchisees are generally people with a deep interest in and passion for progressive technologies and cryptocurrencies. We are looking for established thought leaders or aspiring individuals who seek to develop or reinforce their position in the cryptocurrency world

Here is a portrait of our ideal franchisees:


Respected expert in local community


Regular speaker at local events


Interested in investing in business and looking for opportunities there

Popular blog and social media

Has popular blog/social media accounts

Business connection

Has connection with related business

Manage team

Proactive and able to manage own team

Revenue sharing

Franchise partner gets 80% of revenue when closing deals independently

Franchise partner gets 50% of revenue when using CT sales department


The franchisee should hire a minimum 2 journalists at the start and be able to grow the team in future

Editorial policy

The franchisee must post all CT news in their local language and produce at least 1 article relating to local news per day. The franchisee should strictly follow CT publishing guidness


Average time of ROI (USA, CAN, Europe)

24 months


18 months

Other countries

12 months

Application Process

We have a clear picture of the experience, business knowledge, flair, commitment and personality needed to operate within Cointelegraph network. Accordingly, our recruitment and selection system is designed to ensure we get the right people to operate Cointelegraph brand. Each candidate will have to pass strict selection process and several interviews with our representatives.

All franchisees are required to maintain strict standards at all times during the franchise term. Compliance requirements and standards are set by Cointelegraph. Compliance by each franchisee with these requirements and standards is measured monthly. Any failure by a franchisee to comply with our requirements and standards could result in their franchise agreement being terminated. We believe compliance with our strict requirements and standards is critical to the success of the Cointelegraph network, and we expect the high standards to be maintained at all times.

Payments for CT Franchise should be made on our official bitcoin wallet 17wcojTr3z4W7cubMZENbGhoTtQTnFZowD only.

Special offer

If you become Franchisee by the end of April and choose one of our discount franchising packages:


We cover up to 80% of your translation costs (you pay only from 5$ per article)

Marketing support

We provide you with free marketing support for 3 months

tech support

We provide you with new product features and tech support for free during first 3 months

Free hosting

We provide hosting for 1 year for free

Feedback from existing franchisees

  • Cointelegraph franchisee feeback photo

    Niall Maye, Cointelegraph UK

  • Cointelegraph franchisee feeback photo

    Giorgio Riccò, Cointelegraph Italy

  • Cointelegraph franchisee feedback photo

    Philip Nobelis, Cointelegraph Greece

  • Cointelegraph franchisee feedback photo

    Jaques Coetsee, Cointelegraph South Africa