LinkedIn's Co-Founder On Crypto Ad Bans And His New 'Meta Social Network'

APR 22, 2018 | by Cointelegraph

LinkedIn’s co-founder Eric Ly on his new project, reputation system in everyday communications, social media, and crypto ads bans.

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Dogecoin’s Creator Jackson Palmer: 2018 Is Shaping Up To Be The ‘Year Of The Fork’

MAR 30, 2018 | by Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph talked to the creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, about Bitcoin forks, the crypto community, education, and plans for 2018.

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China’s Crypto Innovators Not Fazed By Bans Or Strict Regulations, See ‘Promising Future’

MAR 21, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Despite China’s regulatory restrictions on cryptocurrencies, two entrepreneurs have shown they see a future in the country’s crypto markets.

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CBOE Director For Product Development Talks Successes Of Bitcoin Futures And Looking At Other Coins

MAR 13, 2018 | by Darryn Pollock

Bitcoin futures have been around for a few months now as CBOE Director for Product Development explains their progress

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Ripple’s New Global Head of Banking Talks About RippleNet, PSD2 and the Future of Payment

MAR 08, 2018 | by Veronika Rinecker

Cointelegraph spoke with Marjan Delatinne, global head of banking at Ripple, about her experience, banking, and the future of global payment.

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Ripple CEO Talks Liquidity And Regulation: Ultimately Governments Aren’t Going Away

MAR 06, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, talks to Cointelegraph about why Ripple is regulation-friendly and how it’s addressing the problem of global liquidity

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What is Tinkering in Bitcoin Core’s Toolbox, Developers Divulge

MAR 05, 2018 | by Darryn Pollock

Segwit is an upgrade well on its way, but there are a few other things in the Bitcoin Core development Pipeline.

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Meet the Man Who Introduced Roger Ver to Bitcoin

FEB 14, 2018 | by Patrick Thompson

Mark Edge, back in 2011 talked about a new digital asset on Free Talk Live. It so happened that the asset was Bitcoin, and among those who heard the program the...

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‘I’m Quite a Fan Of Government Regulation’: Interview With Yobie Benjamin

FEB 11, 2018 | by Cointelegraph

CTO Emeritus of TOKEN.IO on the first year of Blockchain in Davos.

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Interview With India's Three Largest Exchanges: Cryptocurrency Ban Rumors are FUD

FEB 04, 2018 | by Joseph Young

Cointelegraph spoke to India’s three largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which unanimously stated that the cryptocurrency ban rumors are nothing more than FUD.

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Charlie Lee: Bullish on Bitcoin And Litecoin Long Term, Short Term Impossible To Predict

FEB 02, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

In an interview with CT at Blockchain Connect, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee shares his thoughts on crypto adoption, investing, and why he doesn’t try to make pr...

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Media’s Role in Blockchain and Crypto, Interview With TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher

JAN 31, 2018 | by Lucrezia Cornèr

Cointelegraph caught up with the experienced Tech Journalist, Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch Mike Butcher to talk about the World Economic Forum in Davos, media ...

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Don Tapscott: “We Need Microsurgery on This New Economy”

JAN 29, 2018 | by Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph interviewed one of the world’s leading consultants on social and economic impact of technologies, co-founder at the Blockchain Research Institute,...

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John McAfee: We’ll Screw up the Future, But It’ll Still be Better Than What We Have Today

JAN 25, 2018 | by Cryptodaria

An interview with John McAfee about the coins he promotes, Twitter hack, promises he’ll keep and much more.

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Interview With John Patrick Mullin: Blockchain is a Global Community

JAN 14, 2018 | by Lucrezia Cornèr

CT talked to John Patrick Mullin about fintech community, crypto geography and Blockchain background.

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