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Publica ICO Invents READ Tokens - Ebooks You Buy And Sell, Not License


Delray Beach, Florida: “Licensing ebooks inside a proprietary walled-garden is nothing like selling or buying them in a free market,” said Publica CEO Josef Mar...

Green Mining from the Austrian Alps


The future of bitcoin now rests with green mining. Think going green and monetizing the effort.

Refereum Transforms Game Marketing and Engagement: Advised by Twitch and Unity


Refereum, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency company founded by game industry veterans, is revolutionizing the way video game marketing and engagement is co...

Appian The World’s First Ethereum App Store ICO Launches Today


The highly anticipated Appian ICO has been set to launch today. The Appian team is building a revolutionary app store on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

02.10 Inspeer Announces ICO Start Day For Its Inspiration Through Peer to Peer

OCT 14, 2017

Inspeer, inspiring through peer to peer, announces its ICO, scheduled for November 6, 2017.

A Slovenian Start-Up Company to Revolutionize Signing of the Contracts

OCT 13, 2017

Everyone has been in a situation when he/she was buying a car, apartment etc. and had to cope with time-consuming drafting of a contract, visit a notary and dea...

ICO LIVE- LWF.Local World Forwarder, the World's First Decentralized Logistics Platform

OCT 13, 2017

Change the concept of logistics with P2P and decentralization As Uber did for shipping!

AirFox Raises $15 Million in Successful ICO

OCT 12, 2017

AirFox Raises $15 Million in Successful ICO, Brings New Mobile Banking Solutions to Emerging Markets

Aidos Partners Lithuania-Based MisterTango For Instant ADK Conversion To Fiat

OCT 12, 2017

A new partnership has been signed between Aidos Foundation and MisterTango to enable ADK holders secure IBAN/Swift bank accounts and convert their digital curre...

New Cryptocurrency Asset Trading Platform Announced by Founders of The Token Fund

OCT 12, 2017

Viktor Shpakovsky and Vladimir Smerkis, co-founders of The Token Fund, have announced ICO details of their new project, Tokenbox

Samsung Experiments With Crypto Currency for IoT

OCT 11, 2017

The Internet of Things and Blockchain have changed the way we do business and the way we live.

The Most Fair Lottery Or How SmartBillions Is Destroying Centuries-Old Superstitions

OCT 11, 2017

Confidence in people hosting lotteries has been at issue and under debate for quite a long time. There is a widely known case of fraud that took place in Pennsy...

Investing in the Industry is Easy!

OCT 11, 2017

Cherepovets pipe-rolling plant Reorganization of production with funds attracted through ICO.