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Bitcoin futures are a type of Bitcoin (BTC) trading that speculates on the upcoming price of the asset. Various BTC futures trading contracts exist with different expirations. Participants buy and sell Bitcoin futures contracts based on how they think Bitcoin’s price will perform in the future. Bitcoin futures contracts can be bought and sold before expiration. Once contracts expire, they are settled, and the holder receives the contracts’ worth in Bitcoin or cash, depending on the trading product and the going market rate for Bitcoin at the time. Cash-settled BTC futures pay out contract holders in cash, while physically settled Bitcoin futures pay out in BTC. 

A number of crypto exchanges offer Bitcoin futures trading. Bitcoin futures also trade on mainstream markets through multiple avenues. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME, offers cash-settled Bitcoin futures, in addition to Bitcoin options on those futures.

Market Analysis
Many traders believe the narrative that Bitcoin price drops ahead of CME BTC futures expiries, but data shows the trend is all bark and no bite.
Data shows the ‘Bitcoin price drops ahead of CME expiries’ claim is a myth
Marcel Pechman
The U.S. SEC will monitor the compliance of mutual funds with exposure to Bitcoin futures and look into whether the market can accommodate an ETF.
SEC warns of Bitcoin futures risks in mutual funds
Helen Partz
Market Analysis
The volume on Ethereum futures flipped Bitcoin's after hitting a new record at $10 billion, and derivatives data suggests further upside for Ether price.
Flippening? Record $10B Ethereum futures volume briefly outpaces Bitcoin's
Marcel Pechman
The new contract is worth one-tenth the size of a single Bitcoin.
CME Group introduces micro Bitcoin futures
Sam Bourgi
Market Update
Bitcoin price is clinging on to $53,000 while Ethereum’s increasing bullish momentum prompted renewed discussions of an ETH flippening.
Bullish ETH/BTC pair revives the Ethereum 'flippening’ discussion
Jordan Finneseth
Market Analysis
Bitcoin saw $150 million worth of short contracts obliterated within hours.
Bitcoin bulls respond with a $150M short squeeze above $53K — Can BTC go higher?
Joseph Young
How to crypto
Understanding open interest, funding rates and the differences between futures contracts is the starting point for any investor interested in trading crypto-bas...
3 things every crypto trader should know about derivatives exchanges
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
Bitcoin price is more than 20% away from its all-time high, but the current negative funding rate on BTC futures might give bulls a unique advantage.
Bitcoin funding rate flips negative after $48K retest — Was it a bear trap?
Marcel Pechman

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