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  • BitStamp
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We are trusted by over 100 satisfied partners

  • Eyal Abramovitch, Founder of Crypto Money Expo

    "Working with CoinTelegraph was a real pleasure and very effective. CoinTelegraph's deep roots in the cryptocurrency industry helped the Crypto Money Expo reach thousands of crypto enthusiasts from all over the world and generate hundreds of sign-ups for our events."
  • ziftrCOIN Team

    "We recently had the pleasure of working with CoinTelegraph on an exclusive joint contest to promote ziftrCOIN, an altcoin designed to onboard the next 10 million cryptocurrency users. CoinTelegraph's enthusiasm, creativity, responsiveness, professionalism and keen understanding of their audience made this a wholly positive experience for us and an overall success. In addition to the contest, CoinTelegraph has been integral in educating the cryptocurrency community about ziftrCOIN, and we've been fully satisfied with the accuracy and integrity of their reporting. They're a great team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and we look forward to continuing to work with them!"
  • Emily, Director of Marketing & PR,

    "As a monthly advertiser since the beginning of our launch in August 2014, ShapeShift has greatly benefited from our partnership with the CoinTelegraph networks. Our referrals are not only numerous, but quality. We could not be happier with our partnership."
  • Aaron Siwoku, Cryptosigma Founder and CEO

    "The partnership with Cointelegraph has been beneficial."

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