Alex Melikhov

Alex Melikhov is the co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange Changelly as well as CEO and co-founder of Equilibrium, a framework for asset-backed stablecoins and DeFi products. Having over 14 years of entrepreneurial and fintech experience, Alex has been involved in the cryptocurrency world since 2013. His current project, Equilibrium, aims to empower decentralized finance and accelerate the development of both an emerging DeFi economy and the future of money.

Author’s posts

The next step of DeFi’s evolution in decentralization is enabling true scalability, interoperability and access to networks beyond Ethereum.
The evolution of DeFi and its unique token distribution mechanics
Alex Melikhov
Unconventional analysis of two major decentralized finance projects, based on Ethereum and EOS, which recently went through the same storm.
How EOS and ETH DeFi Made It Through Market Turmoil
Alex Melikhov
Expert Take
Ethereum-based stablecoins are declining as teams increasingly use other blockchains to facilitate price-stable currencies.
Ethereum Is No Longer a Monopoly Platform for Stablecoins
Alex Melikhov

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