Alexandra Luzan

Alexandra Luzan is a Ph.D. student researching the connection between new technologies and art at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. For about a decade, Alexandra has been organizing tech conferences and other events in Europe dedicated to blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. She is equally interested in the relationship between blockchain tech and art.

Author’s posts

Expert Take
The confluence of creative minds: What an upgradable NFT is and how it will change our perception of blockchain technology.
Upgradable NFTs: How collaborations will leap forward
Alexandra Luzan
Expert Take
The creator economy is one of the most rapidly developing industries, and decentralized technologies have a chance to unlock its full potential.
DeFi and Web 3.0: Unleashing creative juices with decentralized finance
Alexandra Luzan
Expert Take
With professionals stepping into the NFT space, the market is set to mature, making digital art a part of traditional collectibles.
Art reimagined: NFTs are changing the collectibles market
Alexandra Luzan
Expert Take
There are already enough signs to say that the crypto art market will pretty soon be shaped just like the traditional contemporary market.
NFT and crypto art can magnify the truth of our reality without censorship
Alexandra Luzan
Why art needs blockchain.
Painting a Different Picture: How Digital Artists Use Blockchain
Alexandra Luzan

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