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Alireza is a software and computer expert, startup enthusiast, web and mobile app developer and on top, a cryptocurrency believer.

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The NEM (New Economy Movement) has managed to secure and undisclosed amount of funding just a few months after their launch.
NEM: ‘Right Now We Have the Best Designed Blockchain Platform in Existence’
Alireza Beikverdi
Matthew Roberts and Elías Snær Einarsson, two developers who have been active in the crypto space, recently proposed and published a new technology known as tim...
The Timechain: Improving Smart Contract Technology Using Time-Locks
Alireza Beikverdi
Recent innovative ideas and projects, such as micropayment channels and the lightning network, are creating trustless channels between people so they can transa...
How Trustless Off-Blockchain Transactions Could Solve the Block Size Problem (Op-Ed)
Alireza Beikverdi
One and a half months after launch, NEM (New Economy Movement), has open-sourced their project and released their technical reference.
NEM Technical Reference Introduces Reputation-Enhanced ‘Proof of Importance’
Alireza Beikverdi
Picture a parallel virtual world that collects information on our virtual identities in real time, tracks our behavior, and is smart enough to interpret this da...
US Govt Develops a Matrix-Like World Simulating the Virtual You
Alireza Beikverdi
Despite being a decentralized project, which presumably should result in faster and more efficient development, Bitcoin has been experiencing a decline in its d...
While Core Development Declines, Gregory Maxwell and SF Devs Remain Focused
Alireza Beikverdi
Hourglass is yet another promising project by BitcoinJ developer and former Google engineer Mike Hearn, which has already surpassed the crowdfunding goal for it...
Mike Hearn talks Hourglass Project and Avoiding Miner Fees
Alireza Beikverdi
Ledger Wallet has introduced one of their ongoing projects, LedgerOS TEE for mobile phones, which offers a high level of security comparable to hardware wallets...
Bitcoin Could Be Stored Securely as a Hardware Wallet on Your Phone
Alireza Beikverdi

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