Alireza Beikverdi

Alireza is a software and computer expert, startup enthusiast, web and mobile app developer and on top, a cryptocurrency believer.

JUL 22, 2015

NEM: ‘Right Now We Have the Best Designed Blockchain Platform in Existence’

JUN 28, 2015

The Timechain: Improving Smart Contract Technology Using Time-Locks

MAY 31, 2015

How Trustless Off-Blockchain Transactions Could Solve the Block Size Problem (Op-Ed)

MAY 18, 2015

NEM Technical Reference Introduces Reputation-Enhanced ‘Proof of Importance’

MAY 05, 2015

US Govt Develops a Matrix-Like World Simulating the Virtual You

MAY 02, 2015

While Core Development Declines, Gregory Maxwell and SF Devs Remain Focused

APR 24, 2015

Mike Hearn talks Hourglass Project and Avoiding Miner Fees

APR 19, 2015

Bitcoin Could Be Stored Securely as a Hardware Wallet on Your Phone

APR 07, 2015

‘The Bitcoin Protocol Does Not Exist’ (Op-Ed)

APR 01, 2015

NEM Launches, Targets Old Economy with Proof-of-Importance

MAR 29, 2015

How Bitcoin Could Mitigate the 48% Surge in Online Banking Fraud

MAR 25, 2015

Alibaba’s ‘Selfie’ Payments Vulnerable, May Work With Decentralized Security

MAR 20, 2015

South Korea: Bitcoin Growth Fueled by Startups and Community

MAR 19, 2015

150BTC Coinapult Hack Renews Doubts About Security Fundamentals

MAR 14, 2015

Is China the Primary Driving Force in Bitcoin?