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Barry Dolphin is neither from Barry, nor a dolphin, though claims he has friends which are both. He is not motivated by money but sees no harm in making some by writing about it, especially if it’s a virtual currency. He recently invented a selfie-stick with an exploding handle, to encourage a lifetime limit of two.

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Mr Robot is a TV series following Elliot, a young New Yorker who works as a cybersecurity engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night.
Mr Robot – Crypto without the currency (Op-Ed)
Barry Dolphin
So, with news that the blockchain is now consistently hitting full blocks, let’s take a step back to understand exactly what this means.
The Blocks Are Now Full... So Where Were We on the Blocksize Debate?
Barry Dolphin
Decentralized media publishing platforms are quickly gaining momentum as the world adapts and reacts to the new possibilities brought by modern technology and t...
A Glimpse into the Future of Decentralized Media
Barry Dolphin
For a cryptocurrency to function requires more than just a network of miners. It also requires nodes to propagate messages, serve the blockchain and provide sec...
Could Full-Node Incentive Help Solve the Blocksize Debate?
Barry Dolphin
After entering the US market, Eris Industries hoped their 'troubles with the law' would be behind them, but sadly not. Now, Eris Exchange is not only trying to ...
Blockchain Startup to Corporate Bully: ‘We’re Not Going to Take This Lying Down’
Barry Dolphin
In the buzzing world of altcoins, blockchains, and crypto-startups, if you aren't decentralized these days, you're probably still considered a bit of a dinosaur...
Why the Rise of Decentralized Media is the End of Censorship
Barry Dolphin
The City of London has long been considered the financial hub of Europe, and the inclusion of Bitcoin company, Blockchain, on last weeks trade delegation to Sou...
British PM David Cameron Selects Bitcoin Company for Asian Delegation
Barry Dolphin
In a crowded marketplace, businesses are developing innovative features to differentiate their offers from the rest, and attract the investment.
How Innovation in Crypto-Crowdfunding is Empowering Micro Investors
Barry Dolphin

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