Bart Wyatt

Bart Wyatt is the director of solutions architecture at He leads’s core blockchain engineering team. With more than 18 years in IT, and the last seven dedicated to asset tokenization and decentralized identity, Bart has experience overseeing technology teams at several firms that specialized in personal privacy solutions, deniable attestations, degradable cryptographic proofs, gaming and advertising technology.

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Expert Take
Making blockchain a cloud-native concept may lead to the next leap in trustworthy applications for real people.
Partly cloudy: How blockchain can become a force of nature
Bart Wyatt
Blockchain interoperability has a big goal: to empower developers to choose what’s right for their application, not what is right for the platform they’re locke...
Why Interoperability Is the Key to Future Innovation and Adoption
Bart Wyatt
Scalability of blockchain technology is a requirement for the future of the technology.
Why Is Scalability So Important for Blockchain Solutions?
Bart Wyatt

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