Ben Dickson

Ben Dickson is a software engineer and the founder of TechTalks. He writes about business, technology and politics. Ben is a contributing author at TechCrunch, the Huffington Post, International Business Times, The Next Web and many more.

Author’s posts

Better and faster decisions for your investments? And what about personal data? See if it’s a good thing.
This is How Hedge Funds Use Artificial Intelligence
Ben Dickson
Credit score might become a thing of the past as AI and big data give lending companies a more complete picture of loan applicants' financial situation.
How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence are Changing Online Lending
Ben Dickson
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Royal Bank of Scotland and many more are setting their eyes on fintech. What does fintech’s future look like?
How Banks And Fintech Startups Redefine Finance
Ben Dickson
Algorithmic trading, banking, fraud exposure: how else has AI impacted financial field?
3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Finance Industry
Ben Dickson

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