Brian Cohen

Brian Cohen

NOV 03, 2015

OECD: Simply ‘Discussing’ Bitcoin Illegality is Mutually Damaging

OCT 26, 2015

PayPal Proposes Reputation Cryptocurrency & Blacklist in Patent Applications

OCT 26, 2015

Governments Seize the Opportunity to Control Bitcoin

OCT 19, 2015

21 Inc Reveals Profit Sharing Technology Plans in Patent Application

SEP 22, 2015

Bank of America’s and Coinbase’s Bitcoin Patents Revealed

AUG 21, 2015

CoinMarketCap: ‘About 40% of the Coins Ever Added to the Site are Now Inactive’

AUG 05, 2015

Vermont Considering Blockchain Tech for State Records, Smart Contracts

JUL 19, 2015

United States Military Seeks Bitcoin Tipping Bounties