Emilia La Capra

Emilia La Capra has been learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2017. She first started as a small investor and soon became passionate about the industry, the technological innovation and the improvement that it could bring to the world. She believes Bitcoin is the natural currency of the internet. Emi has been an educational content writer in the crypto space for several years and aims at accurately delivering complex concepts.

Author’s posts

New Year Special
Metaverse adoption has slowed down in 2022, but investors’ and developers’ enthusiasm remains. Here’s an overview of the tech’s last 12 months.
An overview of the metaverse in 2022
Emilia La Capra
DAOs are an intrinsic element of Web3. This guide to DAOs examine how they work and their future in the blockchain space.
What is the role of a decentralized autonomous organization in Web3?
Emilia La Capra

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