Jason Morton

Jason Morton practices law in North Carolina and Virginia and is a partner at Webb & Morton, PLLC. He is also a Judge Advocate in the Army National Guard. He focuses on tax defense and tax litigation (foreign and domestic), estate planning, business law, asset protection and the taxation of cryptocurrency. He studied blockchain at the University of California-Berkeley and studied law at the University of Dayton and George Washington University.

Author’s posts

Expert Take
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service appears to be blinded by its own enthusiasm on crypto taxation, instead creating an excessive financial burden.
Crypto staking rewards and their unfair taxation in the US
Jason Morton
Expert Take
What crypto owners should know if crypto accounts fall within the new Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts regulations.
The crypto FBAR: Implications beyond
Jason Morton
Expert Take
Now is the time to look beyond your own income-producing activities and look to your children’s crypto as well.
Parents, it’s time for ‘the talk’: Did your kid trade crypto in 2020?
Jason Morton
A crypto tax amnesty program could be the fairest way for achieving tax compliance and collection on crypto transactions.
Tax justice for crypto users: The immediate and compelling need for an amnesty program
Jason Morton

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