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Jordan Finneseth is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has been involved in blockchain projects since 2017. He enjoys discussions that revolve around blockchain and its implications for the future of humanity.

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Market Analysis
The timing of parachain auctions and the lack of interoperability with Ethereum may have impacted Polkadot’s token price and its competitiveness against other l...
3 possible reasons why Polkadot is playing second fiddle in the L1 race
Jordan Finneseth
The hype that sparked rapid growth in blockchain-based play-to-earn games in 2021 has begun to dissipate, but here are three projects focused on bringing fresh ...
Altcoin Roundup: 3 emerging P2E gaming trends to keep an eye on in 2022
Jordan Finneseth
Market Update
BTC price dropped to new lows at $36,000, leading analysts to call for a “Hail Mary close above $39,600” to stave off a bearish shift in Bitcoin’s market struct...
Bitcoin falls to $36K, traders say bulls need a ‘Hail Mary’ to avoid a bear market
Jordan Finneseth
Altcoin Watch
The total value locked on Metis rose by 99,881% in a month after the layer-two project integrated with numerous DeFi protocols and cross-chain bridges.
MetisDAO TVL surges by 99,800% as the layer-2 race heats up
Jordan Finneseth
Altcoin Watch
GLMR could be a top contender in 2022 if Moonbeam’s planned interoperability with the Ethereum Network is a hit with investors and developers.
Moonbeam (GLMR) launch brings EVM interoperability closer to the Polkadot network
Jordan Finneseth
Altcoin Watch
A growing partnership network, the ability to mine multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously and renewed interest in blockchain-focused IOT technology back MXC’s...
MXC’s 200% gain hints that LoRaWAN IOT mining projects could rally in 2022
Jordan Finneseth
Altcoin Watch
Elastos, API3 and Prometheus notch double-digit gains as the wider crypto market falters in the aftermath of BTC’s plunge below $42,000.
ELA, API3 and PROM buck the market-wide downtrend by posting a 20%+ gain
Jordan Finneseth
Market Update
Bitcoin continues to struggle below $42,000 as extreme fear grips the crypto market and analysts hint at a drop to $38,000.
Analysts warn that Bitcoin could dip to $38K 'before an eventual breakout'
Jordan Finneseth

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