Joseph Young

Joseph is a web developer and designer, writer and a passionate musician who loves to travel often. He's worked as a researcher for a number of venture capital firms and as a freelancer designer for resorts and corporations in Korea and the Philippines.


Why South Korea is Second Largest Ethereum Market, 17% of All Trading

MAR 23, 2017

Forking is Easy, Maintaining Bitcoin Unlimited is Hard: Andreas Antonopoulos

MAR 23, 2017

Blockchain is Overhyped and Not Quite Applicable: VC Andrew Parker

MAR 23, 2017

BATS Objects to Bitcoin ETF Ruling, Plans to Appeal Decision

MAR 23, 2017

Bitcoin Price Down Four Percent As LocalBitcoins Volume Surges Amid PBoC Talks

MAR 22, 2017

Bitcoin Price Surpasses $1,115, Recovers from Scaling Debate & PBoC Talks

MAR 21, 2017

Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Demand Users to Explain Sources of Funds

MAR 19, 2017

Venezuelans Rely on Bitcoin to Survive, Disregard Fiat Completely

MAR 19, 2017

Is Google Working on its Own Bitcoin? Why Blockchain Doesn't Suit Conventional Banks

MAR 19, 2017

Bitcoin Price Declines to $926 But Recovers, Drops 16% in One Day

MAR 18, 2017

Trezor Founder: Bitcoin Without SegWit is Gold, Just As Inefficient and Limited

MAR 17, 2017

Why Bitcoin Price Dropping to $1160 is Good; Solving Network Issues

MAR 17, 2017

Ethereum Price Nears $50, Unusual Trading, Volume Rises From $20 to $450 Million

MAR 15, 2017

Community Reacts to Bitcoin Unlimited Bug, Calls For SegWit Activation

MAR 14, 2017

Low Fees, Flexible Network, Limits: Why Ethereum Price is Surging

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