Katya Shabanova

Katia Shabanova is the founder of Forward PR Studio, bringing over 20 years of experience in implementing programs for IT companies ranging from Fortune 1000 corporations and venture funds to pre-initial public offering startups. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Philology and German Studies from Santa Clara University in California and earned a Master in Philology from the University of Göttingen in Germany.

Author’s posts

Just like railways transformed everyday lives in towns in the early days, blockchain technology continues to shape the format of the internet and its users.
Crypto, like railways, Part 2: Blockchain as the new internet planner
Katia Shabanova
Finding a million reasons why blockchain won’t succeed turned out to be one of the biggest innovations in the last 500 years.
Crypto, like railways, is among the world’s top innovations of the millennium
Katia Shabanova
Decentralized finance provides the necessary financial freedom tools for digital nomads in a world with rigid borders.
Decentralized finance as a new globalization accelerator
Katia Shabanova

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