Marcel Pechman

Marcel is a crypto analyst with 17 years experience as an equities sales trader for UBS, Deutsche Bank, Pactual & Banco Safra. Brazilian. Marcel holds a post-graduate certificate in Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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Markets News
Legacy investors often say BTC, ETH and altcoin volatility is too high to warrant a sound investment, but many major corporations have seen even larger drawdown...
Bitcoin’s 60% year-to-date correction looks bad, but many stocks have dropped by even more
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
Many of the top-80 cryptocurrencies dropped by 15%+ in the past week, but the Tether premium in Asia-based futures markets shows traders remain calm.
Total crypto market cap shows strength even after the Merge and Federal Reserve rate hike
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
Market makers are the backbone of every crypto exchange, ICO, DApp and many token listings, which is exactly why investors shouldn’t shrug off Wintermute’s hack...
The impact of the Wintermute hack could have been worse than 3AC, Voyager and Celsius — Here is why
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
Bitcoin price dropped to $18,270, but derivatives traders didn’t flinch. Here is why.
Long the Bitcoin bottom, or watch and wait? BTC traders plan their next move
Marcel Pechman
Altcoin Watch
BNB price has entered a symmetrical triangle formation, and the conflicting trends will decide the fate of the altcoin as it battles near $280.
Here’s why BNB will face an important price test on Sept. 30
Marcel Pechman
A majority of “traders” end up being losers with empty portfolios. Here is exactly why.
Tired of losing money? Here are 2 reasons why retail investors always lose
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
Analysts and traders strongly adhere to the “Bitcoin is inversely correlated to the strength of the U.S. dollar index” thesis, but a closer look at the data sug...
Data challenges the DXY correlation to Bitcoin rallies and corrections ‘thesis’
Marcel Pechman
Market Analysis
The outcome of the Ethereum Merge will be a primary price drive that dictates whether ETH bears profit from this week’s $490 million options expiry.
Volatility expected as $490M in ETH options expire shortly after the Ethereum Merge
Marcel Pechman

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