Piers Ridyard

Piers Ridyard is the CEO of Radix DLT, a secure decentralized network. Piers also founded and exited Surematics, a YCombinator company, and was mining on the genesis block of Ethereum in July 2015. Piers graduated from the University of Manchester and the University of Law and has a CFA level 1.

Author’s posts

Innovation Circle
Many expect Web3 to usher in a new era, just like other great inventions before it.
3 things that could hinder Web3
Piers Ridyard
Expert Take
The battle for global consumer deposits is going to be the fight of the century. But to vanquish old-fashioned banks, the DeFi sector needs to up its game.
Better, faster, cheaper: How DeFi will kill the retail bank
Piers Ridyard
Education and accessibility are crucial to make DeFi more accessible to the upcoming inflow of retail investors.
Decentralized finance may be the future, but education is still lacking
Piers Ridyard

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