Where to Discuss Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a community-driven network, where an exchange of opinions is always welcome and encouraged. Bitcoin itself was born through an online forum. These days, as the cryptocurrency gets more and more attention, the number of platforms, both online and offline, where you can join a Bitcoin-related discussion has never been higher.


Below are links to general discussion boards, with the majority of them containing sub-boards most useful for either ordinary Bitcoin users, investors, developers or startups and businesses.



r/Bitcoin — The main Bitcoin subreddit.

Other subreddits include:

You can also join to our subreddit:

IRC Chat

List of IRC Channels on Freenode:

You can find a comprehensive list of Bitcoin-related IRC communities here.


You are welcome to join Cointelegraph’s сhannel with hot news about cryptocurrency market.

Social Networks



LinkedIn Bitcoin Group

Twitter search


With Bitcoin’s popularity being at an all-time high, there is an enormous amount of Bitcoin-related meetups and conferences, both regular and one-off. Below is a list of event aggregators which can help you find you local Bitcoin-related event.

Cointelegraph events page

Meetup.com Bitcoin page

BitcoinWiki meetups page

BitcoinWiki conferences page

Bitcoin.org conferences and events page

CoinDesk events and conferences page

Bitcointalk meetups subforum

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