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Podcast: Bruce Pon - The Technological Revolution

JAN 15, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

The more we talk about the Ethereum Network the more it sounds like Terminator’s Skynet. Fingers crossed BigChainDB does not become Cyberdyne Systems.

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Podcast: Chris Omenihu - The Human Influence

JAN 08, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

In 2015, Chris Omenihu founded Human Influence in order to create a platform on which to speak, sing and spread his message about cultural inclusivity.


Podcast: Roman Mandeleil - Ether.Camp

JAN 05, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Now, bear with us as we experienced technical difficulties with slight audio annoyance from Roman’s mic. Nevertheless, the content is pure fire, so hopefully those Airpods you got from Santa are retardant.sizzle.


Podcast: Dmitry Buterin - Like Father, Like Son

JAN 01, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Hold on to your blockchain guys, this episodes a doozy! The man who created the man who created Ethereum, Dmitry Buterin joins us for an epic year’s end interview.


Podcast: Elais Player - A Very Bitcoin Christmas

DEC 25, 2016 | The Bitcoin Podcast

The BlockChannel coexists here on The Bitcoin Podcast, where they take-on blockchain technology with a more educational approach, that speaks to the academia crowd.


Podcast: Jesse Grushack - Music Industry 2.0

DEC 18, 2016 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Ujo Music is making bitcoin sexy, and sex sells, so for that we thank them. We invited the Co-founder of Ujo Music, Jesse Grushack, onto the show, where he explains the appeal behind his platform, Ujo Music.


Podcast: Stephen Pair - Currency to a Wider Public

DEC 12, 2016 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Check out this week’s receipt. Sparing all costs, we got Stephen Pair the CEO of BitPay in the metaphorical studio, being interviewed by the notorious duo, known as Corey and Cello.


Podcast: Jack Tatar - A Jack of All Trades

DEC 04, 2016 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Our latest guest could be called The Madhatter of the bitcoin world, being as he wears so many hats within the community. Jack Tatar as in tatertots, joins Corey and Cello to lend highly solicited investment advice.

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Podcast: Mike Doty from ARK.IO

NOV 30, 2016 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Mike Doty, Managing Director of ARK.IO, visionary, promotor, Guardian of Decentralization, Bastion of Digital Currency, Bishop of the SmartBridge, and all around cool dude, stops by to talk ARK shop talk with Dee.

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Podcast: Chris Horlacher - World's First Supernode Infrastructure

NOV 27, 2016 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Chris Horlacher, the founder and CEO of Equibit, comes on the show to talk shop, and lay down truth on the recent controversy.