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Podcast: Jack Tatar - A Jack of All Trades

2016-12-04 08:47 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

Our latest guest could be called The Madhatter of the bitcoin world, being as he wears so many hats within the community. Jack Tatar as in tatertots, joins Corey and Cello to lend highly solicited inv...

Podcast: Mike Doty from ARK.IO

2016-11-30 09:25 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

Mike Doty, Managing Director of ARK.IO, visionary, promotor, Guardian of Decentralization, Bastion of Digital Currency, Bishop of the SmartBridge, and all around cool dude, stops by to talk ARK shop t...

Podcast: Chris Horlacher - World's First Supernode Infrastructure

2016-11-27 09:07 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

Chris Horlacher, the founder and CEO of Equibit, comes on the show to talk shop, and lay down truth on the recent controversy.

Podcast: Keni Stylez - Thai Gone Wild

2016-11-20 10:19 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

Kicking off our 100th episode with a bang! Be careful Googling the name of our latest guest, you’ll get an eyeful. In this interview Dr.Corey and Mr.Cello get down and dirty with adult film star and c...

Podcast: Alex Leverington - Blockchain Supercomputer

2016-11-13 09:20 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

Alex Leverington is their lead P2P dev and also an Ethereum core dev. He’s done major work on rlpx, web3, and whisper.

Podcast: Nathan Wosnack and Marina Reznik - Ubitquity Part Deux

2016-11-10 08:11 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

It has been a while since our last visit from one of our favorite groups of people, the Ubitquity team. Four months to be exact, click here to catch up.

Podcast: QuHarrison Terry and James Lloyd - Hype or Hope

2016-11-06 08:59 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

LIVE from The Bitcoin Podcast studio, Burp! Coming at yeh head holes 'live' with thinkies, if what’s and what have ye’s, all three hostastic hosts kick it in this rowdy-rowdy-round table.

Podcast: A Fireside Chat

2016-10-30 11:08 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

Buzzzzz — You’ll feel like a fly on the wall listening to this FIRE AF episode.

Podcast: Interview with Paul Puey

2016-10-27 02:50 PM | The Bitcoin Podcast

Extra, extra, hear all about it! AirBitz that is! Get ready for exclusively released breaking news in this interview, on the future of AirBitz.

Podcast: Tony Sakich - Reputation Tokens

2016-10-23 10:10 AM | The Bitcoin Podcast

In the roundtable, the boys discuss OB1's new platform called "Deploy," which allows people to start a new OpenBazaar store that's hosted in a cloud service, and open 24/7.