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Podcast: Nate Dogg - The Token Protocol

MAR 26, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Well this episode, it’s blockchain meets cannabis as The TOKES Platform provides a digital currency solution dedicated to the Cannabis Industry via a token called, you guessed it, “TOKES.”

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Podcast: Wen Hou - Shorting the Bull Rally II

MAR 20, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

We’re talking trading in a crypto paradise, with IBB Capital’s best trader, Wen Hou.


Podcast: Greg Walker - Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto

MAR 13, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

"It came to me when I was sitting in the shower, and I couldn’t stop laughing about it. The juxtaposition of an educational website with an egregious grammatical error is immensely satisfying, and also acts as a reminder that seriousness doesn’t help you to learn anything."


Podcast: Mel Gelderman - Venturing Into the Web3

MAR 05, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

We’re changing our name to “The Ethereum Podcast”, not really, but now that I have your attention… This interview is all about Ethereum.

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Podcast: Adam Draper - Building the Iron Man Suit

FEB 28, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Corey and Dee defend and discuss our beloved alt coins and speculate on the future of bitcoin, as a technology and how that will effect the price.

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Podcast: Evan Van Ness - This Week in Ethereum

FEB 21, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Evan is a constant contributor to the space, and wanted to create something "to keep people off of Reddit," so we talk about how he got into the space, and where he thinks its going.


Podcast: Alena Vranova - Life After Trezor

FEB 12, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Former CEO of Satoshi Labs Alena Vranova joins the show again to spill the bits about her new role at Trezor and the future of their hard wallets.


Podcast: Amanda Gutterman - Innovators' Lab

FEB 05, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Amanda Gutterman from ConsenSys joins Corey, to discuss decentralizing the world.

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Podcast: Andreas Antonopoulos - The Broader Economy II

JAN 29, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

He’s back! The one, the only, the living legend himself- Andreas Antonopoulos, comes back to the show for his 2nd visit.


Podcast: Arthur Falls - Disrupting Global Commerce

JAN 23, 2017 | The Bitcoin Podcast

Bitcoin was going to change the world until it wasn’t. But now it is again.