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Why Can DAD With 500 Million Users Reshape the Digital Advertising Industry?


Advertisement: The word comes from Latin “advertere,” which means "attention, inducement and transmission," which then evolved into “advertising.”

Saturn Network Launch First Decentralized Exchange On ETC


Saturn Network successfully launched Radex Classic today bringing the first decentralized exchange to Ethereum Classic network.

Giving Users a Chance to Earn What They Deserve: Introducing ICST, a Blockchain Based Ecosystem For Personal Contents And Skill Sharing


The Individual Content and Skill Token is a platform with a crypto token that creates a decentralized ecosystem for content and skill sharing between different ...

The First Blockchain Engineering Conference Built for Reengineering Trust in the Enterprise


Blockchain: Rethink Trust 2018 is a new By the Bay conference focused on blockchain engineering and business use cases.

0xGames Reveals Future Plans After First Two Stages of 0xUniverse Presale Completely Sold Out

JUN 22, 2018

After 6 months of hard work developing their debut creation - the next-gen blockchain game 0xUniverse - the blockchain-based games developer 0xGames has finally...

Freewallet Expands Product Line to Meet Market Demand for Client-Side Private Key Wallet

JUN 22, 2018

Freewallet, one of the leading cryptocurrency wallet providers, has released lite wallet app. Set to Provide Users With a Full-Privacy Internet Experience Through Blockchain Technology

JUN 21, 2018

The internet is full of people and organizations that are willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve their purposes.

New $trillion Category of Exchange

JUN 21, 2018

Truly game-changing revelations in the world of crypto are a dime a dozen.

Blockchain Cuties Is Introducing Custom Cuties

JUN 21, 2018

The cutest of the crypto games continues to introduce exciting new features. Blockchain Cuties are taking personalisation to the next level.

Singapore-Based Blockchain Platform Credits to Forge Blockchain Future of India

JUN 20, 2018

Blockchain quickly becomes the focus of attention of banking industry expert community. Understandably so, considering that a lot of banks’ functions are believ...

Everus and PayCaddie Locks Deal for US Merchants

JUN 20, 2018

Malaysian blockchain company Everus has reached a landmark deal with North America’s largest payment processor and integrator service company, PayCaddie.

Level 01 Collaborates With Thomson Reuters to Introduce Blockchain-based Derivatives Exchange

JUN 20, 2018

Thomson Reuters selected as independent data source for Level 01’s artificial intelligence algorithms for asset and real-time contract pricing.

No FUD Here: Connected Car Security Experts AMO Labs Launches Reverse ICO

JUN 19, 2018

AMO Labs, a blockchain project for the car data market by Penta Security Systems, is building an ecosystem for the hundreds of terabytes of car data that will s...

What Is EON? Why Is It So Popular Among EOS Investors?

JUN 19, 2018

With EOS mainnet launch, airdrops to EOS users are increasing rapidly. Among these airdrops, EON is the most valuable one. Many EOS investors refer to it as “th...

GSENetwork to Be Officially Listed on

JUN 19, 2018

Transparent and Secure Trust Network Aimed at Bridging Trust Gap between Real and Digital Worlds, Partners to Grow Community.