What is BlogChain?

BlogChain is a place of corporate blog of the companies where is possible to share all information about blockchain and cryptocurrencies company’s products, services, trade-marks and roadmap, market standing and business strategy, HR and hiring politics, financial indicators, ICO and any other company news. Also, we welcome all review, opinion and market expertise.

What can I do on the site?

All published BlogChain posts are available for reading and sharing by anonymous users. Any other actions require registration and authentication.

Create a new account

To create account tap > Sign up.

You should choose what kind of account create.

As a person provides you all possibilities to follow the company, posts, add bookmarks, made comments and change your profile and settings.

As a company provides you create a company page, write posts, edit drafts, delete your company publications, choose and prolong subscription, change company’s profile and settings.

You can sign up for a new account using your email address and tap the link in your email to verify your account.


To login tap > Login with email and password to login into your account.

If you have more than one account, you should use different emails.

Logout of account

To logout of account, tap > Logout in your account’s menu.


Write a post

To begin writing please use only web browsers. To make a new post, tap > Write a post on your account’s menu or choose the same button.

First you should select a Topic which is corresponding your post content.

Write an interesting Title of the post. Title must contain up to 255 symbols.

Text of the post can include images (.jpg or .jpeg), links, word or phrase bold, italic and other elements to make the post readable.

Tags can help your post being searchable and most reading. One tag should consist of only 1 word.

Save a post

Drafts are saved automatically as you write and are synced so you can continue later.

Publish a post

When your post is ready tap > Publish and it appears on your company blog.

Edit a published post

To edit your published post, go to > My posts and tap Edit. You will be able to change the topic, title, tags and text for your publication.

Delete a post

To delete a post, you wrote, go to that post in My posts and tap > Delete.

Saved drafts

To see all your saved drafts, tap > Drafts in My posts.

See your posts

To see all your posts and drafts by tap > My posts in your account menu.


My companies

To see all companies which you are following tap > My companies.


You can bookmark any post by tapping on the ribbon icon. To access your bookmarks, tap > Bookmarks in your account.

My following posts

All posts of the following companies are on the My following posts.

Profile and Settings

As a Company

Company logo

To add company logo and profile picture, tap Profile and Settings > Company logo field. This is a required field.

All logos must be in .jpg or .jpeg

To change your company logo tap Profile and Settings > Change logo field.

Company name

To add or change your company name tap > Company Name. This is a required field.

Corporate website

To add or edit your corporate website tap > Corporate website. You can add only one website. This is a required field.

Corporate email

To add or edit your corporate email tap > Corporate email field. You can add only one corporate email. If you don’t have any corporate email you can add your user email. This is a required field, but it doesn’t show on your company page to readers.

Companys industry

You have to choose one or more industries which is the most corresponding with your company’s business. This is a required field.

Company description

You should add a company description up to 500 symbols tap > Company description. This field is about short history, main information or other important facts of your company. It is a required field.

Social links

To add or edit any social link your company has, tap image of that link.

Change Password

You can change your password tap > Profile&Settings and choose Change password button.

As a Person

Change username

It’s not allowed to change username. But you can change your Name and Last Name to change it tap > Profile and Settings > fields Name and Last Name.

Change Password

You can change your password tap > Profile&Settings and choose Change password button.


For any other question please write