Bitcoin and Blockchain news, Explained

How can I get news about Bitcoin and Blockchain on a daily basis?

There are different ways you can get your updates, but they will probably be of different sources, all in different places. And you usually end up spending tons of time looking for updates on the market, trustworthy news or just something interesting to read. Cointelegraph is an online news source with dozens of news articles, feature stories, interviews and other materials brought to you on a daily basis. And it has all the versions for your convenience to stay tuned to the world of crypto.

It’s available for laptops, right?

Sure, with Cointelegraph desktop version you can enjoy a whole range of features on every web browser.
Cointelegraph has the biggest editorial staff, so you get around 20 unique articles every single day, along with authentic arts that tell you their own story and make you want to share them. There are news, price indices and analytics, entertaining and educational materials and a lot more.

What if I prefer mobile devices?

Cointelegraph has both a mobile version and an application. It is also available for your tablet. It’s very convenient because it’s always at hand. You may quickly check the exchange rate and decide on your next investment move. Click here to download the Android version. The iOS application is coming very soon.

What if I work too much and use my mail most of the time?

There is a way for you. Imagine you don’t have to waste any time googling for news, they all come to your email account and you never miss anything important. Like the idea? Then go to Cointelegraph and subscribe to our mailout.

What if I’m more comfortable with Twitter?

Well then, great news! We are on Twitter too. And you know what we like most of all about our Twitter account? It has everything - news, interesting facts, quizzes, infographics, and it’s all in short. You get them at the very second they appear on the site, so you’re always aware of what’s going on the industry updates without spending too much time on it.

What if I’m a Facebook active user?

Our Facebook account has the biggest number of followers in the crypto community. In addition to news announcement, we always hold real-time contests and quizzes. Our followers are very active and we always respond to them. Join our Facebook community, leave your comments, ask questions, get your answers. Keep in touch with the crypto world!

What if I have Telegram?

Then subscribe to our Telegram channel. It always notifies you, when there is a new article. This way it’s much easier to be the first one to learn everything about Bitcoin, Blockchain and fintech.

What if I want to receive news in my native language?

Not a problem. Cointelegraph has versions in JapaneseSpanish and Portuguese languages and expanding its franchise to every single language on the planet. This means that our high-quality content will be a bit closer to you.

Is there video content?

There sure is. Follow our YouTube for entertaining and educational materials, interviews with famous figures, reports from the most important events and much more, brought to you by our best reporters around the world.

And what about Instagram?

Wanna see how we look? Wanna know more about the Cointelegraph team real life experience? Would you like to see more of our coolest pics? There is a way. Follow our Instagram account, so you don’t miss a thing.