With the ultimate goal of expanding and simplifying access to essential financial services, decentralized finance is a central pillar of the crypto industry. While it’s easy to grasp why DeFi can be a force for good in the global community, explaining how it can and will do so — and how it is doing so right now — can be a bit more complicated. 

For those tasked with marketing the benefits of DeFi in general and their organization’s work in particular, it’s essential to not only follow daily developments in this rapidly evolving industry but to also understand its “nuts and bolts.” Here, seven members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their suggestions for smart ways crypto marketers can stay in the know about DeFi to make sure their organization is a success.

Use DeFi platforms

I think the best way to learn about DeFi is by actually using DeFi platforms. I’m a big proponent of having Coinbound’s team use platforms like Aave to ensure they have a deep understanding of why someone would want to take advantage of similar platforms. In this way, we can better understand who we are marketing to and how our messaging needs to be built out. – Ty Smith, Coinbound

Follow the industry’s top publications

I think the best way to stay in the know about DeFi is to first of all follow the trends by making sure you stay up to speed with all the important publications in our space. I make it a point to remind our folks to read the latest industry news on a daily basis and on SlicedBrand time. Second, you need to become a part of the ecosystem and immerse yourself in it — its social forums, events, etc. – Ayelet Noff, SlicedBrand

Attend crypto events

Honestly, traditional methods are often the best. I learn more attending events than sitting reading Twitter all day. This is because information accessed through your laptop or phone is tailored or limited, whereas at crypto events, you hear from the smartest talent and have real access to them. – Rupert Barksfield, Amulet

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Tap into online resources

There are many great sources of information online, but the two best sources are Twitter (from the social network angle) and Cointelegraph (as a media source). Additionally, getting involved in any of the many technology and DeFi groups to be found on Telegram or Discord will expose you to great real-time insights. – Arie Trouw, XYO

Create a learning culture

Find ways to create a learning culture — for example, each week, one person from the marketing team could give a short presentation on a new DeFi topic. Another key is to have a mindset of “always be testing.” Many of the marketing strategies and platforms in DeFi are unique, and the overall marketing framework is being built as we speak. New methods mean you need to be open to the fact that some strategies won’t work out for your project. – Tim Haldorsson, Lunar Strategy

Focus on a few industry subsets

Evolution in crypto in general, and DeFi in particular, is moving at around 10 times the rate of evolution in traditional finance. It’s impossible to keep up with the pace of the news across the entire crypto industry, especially in any depth. Marketers should focus on a few subsets of their business and build substantive knowledge in those areas. Reading news with a laser focus on DeFi will also help. – Brandon Neal, Euler

Stay engaged in the broader community

The best way to stay in the know about DeFi is to use it. If you don’t live, breathe, chew and speak crypto 24/7, you won’t get far in the industry, considering the fast pace it’s moving forward. In addition, I check the CoinMarketCap and Cointelegraph home pages at least five times a day to stay up to date. Only by truly living the industry 24/7 will you be able to make your organization a success. – Tomer Warschauer Nuni, Kryptomon

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