A new memecoin set to launch in Q4 2023, Meme Kombat is a play to earn (P2E) gaming platform featuring battle arenas, fun memes, and the option to flexibly stake tokens.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Meme Kombat features AI-powered battles with well-known characters from across the memecoin genre that players can wager on using the ecosystem’s native token $MK.

$MK is on presale now, with the staking pool also live. The APY for stakers is currently 112%, paid out in additional $MK tokens.

Battling, wagering, and staking - three use cases, one project

2023 has been a strong year for memecoins. But whereas most of the tokens that landed on Uniswap this year went up parabolically to provide short-term gains with no long-term growth or use case, Meme Kombat promises to develop a P2E gaming platform with lasting appeal.

Automated battles

The AI-powered battles on the platform take place between characters modelled after popular memecoins. Dynamic visualization that adds vivid elements to gameplay will take care of the game's graphics. Randomized sequencing to ensure that the outcomes of the games remain unpredictable will take care of the game's fairness.


Wager in live games through Meme Kombat's multi-wagering structure. You can choose between direct betting, side action betting, PvP, and PVGame to wager based on your strategy and preferred gaming style.


This is Meme Kombat's core component, allowing players to participate in games, place wagers, and earn yield. Players can decide how much to stake, with a lockup period of 14 days at a time and earn proportional APY rewards.

In addition to the APY, staking has a role in betting in the Meme Kombat arena. Players can bet a portion of their staked tokens and try to increase earnings beyond the APY. You should choose how much to bet based on your risk tolerance and gaming preferences.

Additionally, how much a player will earn through staking depends not only on the staking period. Being active on the platform also plays its part - the more you engage with Meme Kombat's ecosystem, the more you earn.

The total supply of $MK is 12,000,000 tokens and of that, 30% is allocated to staking rewards.

Doxxed founder

The project lead for Meme Kombat is fully doxxed, with more of the team soon to be revealed.

Matt Whiteman has experience in the industry from his role as the Chief Operations Officer of North Technologies, a Netherlands-based NFT trading and analytics platform.

Meme Kombat has focused on bringing full transparency to its ecosystem. The $MK smart contracts have also passed a Coinsult audit.

Led by a public team has helped the Meme Kombat presale gain the attention of some alpha callers, including Crypto Whale Pumps on Telegram, a group with 25k members.

Meme Kombat roadmap

Here is a peek into Meme Kombat's roadmap for this year:

Presale launch

The Meme Kombat presale went live on September 21st, initially setting a soft cap of $1 million. 50% of the total supply of $MK is available to buy during the presale.

Platform launch

Once the presale concludes, expected to end in October 2023, the full P2E platform will be rolled out, letting users tap into its many features, including battling, wagering and staking.

Season 1

Season 1 of Meme Kombat will introduce leaderboards to foster community engagement through continuous gameplay.

Season 2

Season 2 will begin in December 2023, introducing new battle types and advanced rewards, aligning with player preferences and industry trends.

Meme Kombat tokenomics

The 12 million $MK token supply has the following allocation model:

  1. 50% - Presale
  2. 30% - Staking and battle rewards
  3. 10% - DEX liquidity
  4. 10% - Community rewards

You can participate in the presale by swapping ETH, USDT or BNB for $MK, currently priced at 1 $MK = $1.667.

For more information, check the Meme Kombat project on Telegram and X.