Brand new memecoin project Sonik Coin (SONIK) has passed the $1 million barrier in just two weeks as excitement grows over its presale.

The token has seen a busy 48 hours, with more than $300,000 of investment flooding in over the weekend ahead of the closing date on Tuesday, Sept. 5, with a current presale price of $0.000014.

SONIK is one of the latest high-risk memecoins to garner interest, and has done so due to the popularity of the Sega character.


Sonik moving at the speed of light

After the 50% barrier was broken, investment has not stopped, and at the time of writing, $1.3 million of SONIK has been purchased, totaling 65% of the hard cap.

Purchases have been increasing in recent days toward the presale closing date.

With the token’s plans to launch on leading decentralized exchange Uniswap, many risk hungry buyers have moved to fill up their bags during the presale ahead of a potential boom of activity when it reaches the exchange.

Tokenomics and audit

Sonic the Hedgehog travels at the speed of light and lends that speed to the project, which has a total supply of 299,792,458,000.



Fifty percent of the token supply has been allocated to the presale, and at the time of writing, is around 65% sold out.

A further 40% has been allocated to the staking pool, while the final 10% is reserved for exchanges.

The project has no affiliation with the wildly popular video game franchise, which also spans two movies and a third in development.

The developers are anonymous, like the majority of memecoins.

As well as having no team allocation, Sonik Coin’s smart contract has been audited by 0x Guard published publicly on the website.

With the presale set to close on Tuesday, Sept. 5, more information and the latest news on the project can be found in the Telegram group.