In 2005, English college student Alex Tew had a million-dollar idea: Create a website with 1 million pixels available to buy as ad space, and charge $1 per pixel. Thus, The Million Dollar Homepage was born, and Tew reportedly made his million dollars.

That site, which is still live, got wildly popular for a hot minute, faded away and became part of internet lore.

Now, someone has resurrected that business model but applied it to Bitcoin. Enter the 1000 Bitcoin Page.

The premise is more or less the same: Each pixel is available to rent as ad space for 0.001 BTC, and there are 1 million pixels, together worth 1,000 BTC. At the time of writing, that works out to about US$613,000, so unless the price of 1 bitcoin surpasses the US$1,000 mark any time soon, the 1000 Bitcoin Page doesn’t look to surpass the earnings of its predecessor.

Only a handful of blocks have been sold to advertisers so far.

A few names many of you will recognize have already bought up ad space, including KnC Miner, CEX.IO and Cryptsy.

Other interesting advertisers include international dating service, travel site eDreams and (To the folks at eDreams and Should we conclude anything about potential Bitcoin payment options for your companies, or are you just buying expensive backlinks?)

No word on the site as to who is behind the 1000 Bitcoin Page, though the site’s Twitter account has some 4,200 followers (and whoever is operating the account was nice enough to Tweet a few Cointelegraph stories).

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