$100 000 in BTC to create a better platform than the Bitcoin Foundation

Olivier Janssens who call himself an early digital currency adapterand Bitcoin millionaire recently proposed a $100,000 bounty to develop asoftware platform that could replace the Bitcoin Foundation.

Today the Bitcoin Foundation is the major Bitcoin organization andrepresentative of crypto-currency. It was founded in September 2012 in order to accelerate the global growth of digitalcurrency. 

According to the message posted on /r/Bitcoin Janssens dislikes the politics of BitcoinFoundation:

We have been trying to push theBF for transparency and clear communication for years, without result. Meanwhilethey started creating even more political structures inside, such ascommittees, which can only be accessed by knowing the right people.”

As example he mentioned the Bitcoin Conference 2014 organized by BitcoinFoundation:

“I expected to see full internetparticipation + live streaming of their events. Especially of the BF membermeeting, where they are supposed to get input from their members and disclosewhat they have been up to. Instead, the board decided that the event is not tobe recorded or broadcasted. We have also no idea or say on how our money isspent. Half of their board gets elected by industry members (a group of about 100companies), and recently led to another extremely controversial election ofBrock Pierce, who has a history of being connected to cases involving fraud andpedophilia.”

Janssens believes that an internet community needs to focus onBitcoin’s original ideas directly and evade another intermediary: “We need a project to have lobbyists inWashington, to fight the anti-Bitcoin lobbyists from Mastercard, and to preventthe government from destroying the currency.”

The contest he has decided to organize offers a prize of $100,000 in BTCif someone could create a better platform to make this happen.

“I am thinking of a system whereprominent people can voice their opinion, where people can propose projects,and where the core devs can actively show their roadmap with detailed features+ costs, and where we can vote on the features being implemented by sendingbitcoins towards the feature of our choice,” wrote Janssens.

The deadline for submissions is till June 17, 2014, 12:00 UTC. Andanyone can participate. Janssens will decide the winner himself but the Redditcommunity can help by voting on the platform submissions they like the most.

The first reaction to the message was more than skeptical, but after amillionaire moved 250 BTC into a new wallet to prove his identity andplans, active discussions began.